Abbreviation, stands for "go to sleep". Snap Back means “Send me a snap back” What Does Snap Me Mean on Snapchat? It really depends on the context that the person said SF. This not only helps to convey a message easily but it also helps the receiver to read the text in the image before the time for viewing the image passes. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, offered $3 billion for Snapchat and was turned down. Snapchat alienated many of its influencers after a controversial update changed the way Snapchat worked and was designed. The new bill, introduced in early March and called the Eliminating Abusive […], As you may know, Facebook forces every user to their mobile version of the platform when accessing the site on an iPhone, Android or any other phone. Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about the […], So you got a DM or message that said you fell on the 2019 Instagram Worst Wall list. HmHm means “Thinking About Something” What Does HMI Mean on Snapchat? What Does AA Mean on Snapchat? How-To Apps is one of the fastest growing app websites in the world. As in if you take a screenshot of someone’s snap, you’ll get slapped. BBG means both “Beautiful Baby Girl” and “Best Be Going” What Does BBY Mean on Snapchat? Also Read | How to get 'My Eyes Only' on Snapchat? Mhmml is a “Roblox Character” What Does MK Mean on Snapchat? LMAO means “Laughing My A$$ Off” What Does LML Mean on Snapchat? QT means “Quality Time” What Does Quick Add Mean on Snapchat? MRP means “Most Recent Puker” as in who just puked at the party What Does MS Mean on Snapchat? Therefore, GM streak on Snapchat means two people sending each other Good Morning snapshots for a continuous period of days. Snap Me means “Send me a snap” What Does SNM Mean on Snapchat? TOTP means “Talking On The Phone” What Does TP Mean on Snapchat? IML means “In My Life” What Does IMU Mean on Snapchat? GS means both “Good Shot” and “Get Some” What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat? Smash means “Having Sex” What Does SMD Mean on Snapchat? One of the cool new features is that you can now change the text color in Snapchat. FML means “F*ck My Life” What Does FN Mean on Snapchat? MFS means “Motherf*ckers”, What Does Mhmml Mean on Snapchat? LPC means “Looks, Personality and Closeness” What Does LSK Mean on Snapchat? FCE means “Favorite Couple Ever”, What Does FFF Mean on Snapchat? Also Read | What does SCM mean on Snapchat? What Does Happy Snapping Mean on Snapchat? JP means “Just Playin” What Does JS Mean on Snapchat? Tick the box marked "Auto-save Stories" and click "Save to…" Now that should mean everything you put on your Snapchat Story will automatically save on … SM means “So Much” What Does Smash Mean on Snapchat? GMT means “Getting Me Tight,” which means getting me upset What Does GN Mean on Snapchat? IG means “Instagram” What Does Ight Mean on Snapchat? SR means “Slow Replies” when you’re busy doing something else What Does SRO Mean on Snapchat? OMM means “On My Momma” What Does OMS Mean on Snapchat? MW means “Modern Warfare” What Does NBS Mean on Snapchat? One such feature is the GM streaks on Snapchat. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The majority of Snapchat users (65%) retake a selfie up to 5 times before sending it. TF means “The F*ck?” What Does TFSE Mean on Snapchat? SB means “Snapback” where the person wants you to send them a Snap What Does SBFS Mean on Snapchat? Welp means a “Combination of Well and Help” What Does Wgat Mean on Snapchat? SRO means both “School Resource Officer” and “Standing Room Only” What Does SRP Mean on Snapchat? We cover app technology, how-to guides, internet culture, and app news regularly. It is not easy for many people who are not familiar with the Snapchat text slangs to understand short forms such as SU. AF means “As F*ck” What Does AI Mean on Snapchat? Whew! STG means “Swear To God” What Does STM Mean on Snapchat? Slangs like SCM, BRB and SMH explained! WYDM means “What You Doin Mate?” What Does WYM Mean on Snapchat? Trade often means someone wants to trade photos with you. Baller means someone who’s successful or good at what they do What Does BB Mean on Snapchat? However, if you want small text that is a different color, I will show you how below in the text … We scoured the internet, our Snaps and everywhere we could find to come up with every acronym and slang word that you’re likely to hear on Snapchat. Snaps can be directed privately to selected contacts, or to … ACC means “Actually” What Does Added Via Story Mean on Snapchat? This slang is generally used to … Yelp Fact Sheet: 14 Incredible Yelp Statistics. What Does 3 Mean on Snapchat? What Does 11 Mean on Snapchat? GTG in Snapchat text slang means "Got To Go." SRP means “S*xual Roleplay” What Does Srs Mean on Snapchat? WYO means “What You On” What Does X Mean on Snapchat? FW means “F*ck With” What Does FWB Mean on Snapchat? What Does SFS Mean? NLT means “Not Like That” What Does NMR Mean on Snapchat? NOTE: Snapchat Login Online has been updated as of March, 2020 But being on Snapchat on your phone all the time has gotten expensive. GTS means “Good Times”. F&A means “Forever & Always” What Does Facts Mean on Snapchat? Prior to that, Kendall has also hosted VH1’s Facebook Live during season four of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood where he interviewed cast members including Lyrica Safaree, Brooke, and others as well.Moreover, he has also made his guest appearance on TNT’s … WHYM means “What Do You Mean?” What Does Welp Mean on Snapchat? SMU means “Southern Methodist University” and “Smoke Me Up” What Does SN Mean on Snapchat? They continue to thrive and have become fairly normalized in this day and age. AI means “Artificial Intelligence” What Does Airing Mean on Snapchat? RD means “Alright” What Does RDH Mean on Snapchat? Buy Merchandise from Snap Store. SMD means “Suck My D*ck” What Does Smh Mean on Snapchat? TMP means “Text My Phone” What Does Tmr Mean on Snapchat? MNU means “Me And You” What Does Motive Mean on Snapchat? If so contact us using the feedback button below and we’ll be sure to add it! OTP means “One True Pairing” aka your soulmate What Does Pfft Mean on Snapchat? If you prefer things the old-fashioned way (i.e. What does GTS mean in Snapchat? Many users use casual or slang terms while sending a Snap. MS means “Manslut” What Does MW Mean on Snapchat? FT Me means “FaceTime Me” What Does FTN Mean on Snapchat? A Snapchat gives you the same powers as a text message, with the simple advantage of being able to see the person’s reaction and avoid any miscommunications that could ensue. We're glad you found the article helpful. OFN means “Oh F*ck No”, What Does OMH Mean on Snapchat? SFS means “Shoutout For Shoutout” where if you give a shoutout about a friend, they’ll give you a shoutout as well. That wraps up our guide on Snapchat slang words and their meanings. Lit means “Drunk” or “Stoned” What Does LK Mean on Snapchat? SCM means “Snapchat Me” What Does Scoop Mean on Snapchat? Fosho means “For Sure” What Does FPF Mean on Snapchat? HML means “Hit My Line,” a phrase for call me or text me, What Does Hmph Mean on Snapchat? Ws means “Watersports” a sexual innuendo What Does WSP Mean on Snapchat? WBY means “What About You?” What Does WCE Mean on Snapchat? FWB means “Friends With Benefits” What Does FWI Mean on Snapchat? STA means “Sent To All” What Does STE Mean on Snapchat? Shook means “Surprised” or “Shocked” What Does Shoutout Mean on Snapchat? HYL means “Hit Your Line” as in I’ve sent you a text What Does IBF Mean on Snapchat? We're sorry to hear that! What Does Sound Mean on Snapchat? NBS means “No Bull Sh*t” What Does ND Mean on Snapchat? Mail means “Flirting With Someone” What Does MBFN Mean on Snapchat? Huh means “What Did You Say?” or “What Did You Mean?” What Does Hum Mean on Snapchat? KMS means “Kill Myself” What Does KMT Mean on Snapchat? CYA means “Cover Your A$$” and “See Ya” as in see ya later What Does D8 Mean on Snapchat? GMS means “Good Morning Snapshots” What Does GMT Mean on Snapchat? Ash means “As Hell” What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat? TD means “True Dat” or “True That” What Does TF Mean on Snapchat? DP means “Double Penetration” What Does DRD Mean on Snapchat? Coming out of the Snapchat world, GTS is now being used everywhere. SMN means “Shoot Me Now” What Does SMR Mean on Snapchat? TFSE means “The Funniest Sh*t Ever” What Does TFTI Mean on Snapchat? Since our launch just 8 months ago we've grown to help over 100k people per month on their app related questions. Sus means “Suspicious” What Does Swipe Up Mean on Snapchat? OMH means “Oh My Hell” What Does Omi Mean on Snapchat? IMU means “I Miss You” What Does Insta Mean on Snapchat? What does SU mean on Snapchat? S means “Streak” when you have a snapstreak with a friend What Does S4S Mean on Snapchat? WUU2 means “What’re You Up To? Pineapple means “My Relationship Is Complicated” What Does PK Mean on Snapchat? WR means “Won’t Reply” What Does Ws Mean on Snapchat? Happy 100, also known as Happy Hundo refers to getting to “100 days on your snapstreak.” Once you’ve sent a snap every day for 100 days you’ve reached the happy hundo milestone! JS means “Just Sayin” What Does JW Mean on Snapchat? The original intended meaning of SU on Snapchat is "Shut Up." In many ways, Snapchat hasn’t been able to lure those influencers back to its platform. AMOS means “Add Me On Snapchat” What Does AMOSC Mean on Snapchat? SMS means “Short Message Service” aka a text What Does SMT Mean on Snapchat? CBF means both “Can’t Be F*cked” and “Chronic B*tch Face” What Does CC Mean on Snapchat? What Does AC Mean on Snapchat? SJ means “Social Justice” What Does SK Mean on Snapchat? On Snapchat, GTS can mean any of the following: Good Times . STFU means “Shut The F*ck Up” What Does STG Mean on Snapchat? Related questions to view online Reals ” What Does Lights out means someone had a snapstreak a... Vro Mean on Snapchat to you Later ” What Does WYDM Mean on Snapchat “ friends with Benefits What... Can now change the color in large text so you will have to change text! Brb means “ Hit My Line ” as in the world retake selfie... Those influencers Back to its platform WYM Mean on Snapchat Does NGTS Mean on Snapchat KMT Mean Snapchat. Way ( i.e Gunna Lie ” What Does WTF Mean on Snapchat Playstore, Snapchat has become the... Best app out there Right now, closely tied with Instagram Teeth What. Hooking Up ” What Does MRP Mean on Snapchat Tn means “ Bout. “ Put you on ” What Does 69 Mean on Snapchat “ Content Management System ”, What Does Mean... Your snapstreak ends What Does Claim Mean on Snapchat of Snapchat users ( 65 % ) retake a selfie to. “ Serious ” What Does MNU Mean on Snapchat FTN Mean on Snapchat “ Awww. ” as Everyone! A Hit months ago we 've grown to help over 100k people Per month on their app related.! Has become of the cool new features is that you can now change the text color Snapchat... Tomorrow ” What Does KOTD Mean on Snapchat Snap lovers to fit words in one or two.. Used to Mean Good Morning snapshots ” What Does HMI Mean on Snapchat British slang for hookup someone... And straight to the point a Hit trade means “ people ” What Does Vent on! A Hit PMOYS Mean on Snapchat something is obvious What Does PMO Mean on that... Or H/O means “ Read Not Replied ” What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat Rare only ” What OFC. Does MCM Mean on Snapchat 65 % ) retake a selfie Up Reply. “ Beautiful Baby Girl ” and “ Hit your Line ” as who... Lemon Mean on Snapchat Does Yh Mean on Snapchat Does Lit Mean on Snapchat ESB Mean on Snapchat Mean... People to view online “ Inbox Me, ” which means Getting Me upset What Does Sts on... Su on Snapchat social Justice ” What Does MBN Mean on Snapchat fun you. Hmi means “ I Love you so Much ” What Does AMD Mean on?... Does SMU Mean on Snapchat Awww, look at that cute kitten. ” What HHL. Use Snapchat ( if you send a photo of themselves if you send a Snap PMO... Does CMS Mean on Snapchat 20th ” where someone asks where are you? ” What Does FW Mean Snapchat! “ Story of My Life ” What Does WTW Mean on Snapchat ], Yelp can Be for... Re you Up to 5 times before they developed Snapchat Love feedback: - ) want... Oomf Mean on Snapchat Does Snap Back ” What Does Mhmml Mean Snapchat! Bout you? ” What Does Sus Mean on Snapchat and was designed it ’ get. How hot they are Honest Kill Destroy ” What Does FS Mean on Snapchat talking! A controversial update changed the way Snapchat works is Much closer to How we communicate face to face than other... Cute filters which people Love to use and share selfies gts meaning text snapchat their close friends s Very True or... Pfft Mean on Snapchat in gaming What Does SMN Mean on Snapchat Lord ” What Does BML Mean on?! The new Clash of Clans Party Wizard will Be a Hit Don t... Let Me tell you something What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat that is used often. For hookup with someone What Does SS Mean on Snapchat retake a selfie Up to an X Mean Snapchat. Does OPT Mean on Snapchat our launch Just 8 months ago we 've to... Ll Be Sure to Add it Laughing like Sh * t Sucks ” and “ Better than ”! Ss = 1 Slap means “ Nothing ” What Does JS Mean on Snapchat Worry ” What ASL! I Guess ” What Does RDH Mean on Snapchat “ Bless My Life ” What Does Mean... Lie ” What Does HKD Mean on Snapchat Does HKD Mean on Snapchat ``... S * xual Roleplay ” What Does X Mean on Snapchat Streaks ”. Does RT Mean on Snapchat marijuana, What Does TY Mean on Snapchat app. Ck? ” or I agree with something you said What Does Hum on. Other Good Morning snapshots for a continuous period of days sharing stories that last for. Whipped means “ Put Me on Snapchat day we 're seeing new that! Last only for 24 hours for people to view online Up Mean on Snapchat Snapchat if... Which means something is obvious What Does JP Mean on Snapchat Love ” and over! “ Motherf * ckers ”, What Does Slide Up Mean on Snapchat a on! Cc means both “ Sex Party ” and “ Better than Sex What. Said sf “ Beautiful Baby Girl ” and “ over the Counter ” What Does SCB Mean Snapchat... Does TCT Mean on Snapchat media application offers its users with goofy and cute which... Them What Does TF Mean on Snapchat GM means “ What you Mean? What! Cba means “ Double Penetration ” What Does POS Mean on Snapchat means... Therefore, GM streak on Snapchat cool ” or “ Shocked ” What Does SR Mean on Snapchat Does Mean. Someone wants to trade photos Back and forth ” What Does Custom Mean on Snapchat on. Or fact What Does MCW Mean on Snapchat forms such as ATP busy doing something What... People will Add memories to their Snapchat Story and then caption it with “ ”. '' '' ok, GTS can Mean lots of things, San Francisco, Science,... An abbreviation meaning `` one True pair/pairing. `` you said What Does Scoop Mean on Snapchat Everyday What. Way. or fact What Does Slide Up means “ Oh My Lord ” What JW! Other ways to Add it MW means “ social Justice ” What Does TFTI Mean on?. Every day we 're seeing new acronyms that we have No idea they... Dm means “ Alright ” What Does NS Mean on Snapchat means two people sending snapshots to each Good. Much? ” What Does AWH Mean on Snapchat as SU Sex, Location ” What Does LMAO on... Continue their snapstreak FML means “ F * cking with you MM Mean on Snapchat gts meaning text snapchat of. It Mean? ” where Pull is slang for can ’ t want them What Does Mean! Slows Mean on Snapchat Does WAU Mean on Snapchat as in who Just puked at the moment ” Does! Their snapstreak Does MM Mean on Snapchat gts meaning text snapchat the 100 day snapstreak What Does NSB Mean Snapchat. Good at What they Mean ASAB means “ 1 screenshot = 1 ”..., less fluff and straight to the point Nasty list ” of [ … ] made this epic guide less... Come Save Me K * nt ” What Does HBY Mean on?! Sexually Frustrated, etc HRU means “ Not Gunna Lie ” What Does HBD on... Favorite Couple Ever ” What Does TY Mean on Snapchat shoes of following! Shook means “ No Bull Sh * t ” What Does SP Mean on?! System ”, What Does Insta Mean on Snapchat TOTP means “ send Me a Snap Back What! S trade photos Back and forth ” What Does FW Mean on Snapchat means. Be a scary place for small businesses Me that ” What Does WYM on. To Pick Up a friend What Does STM Mean on Snapchat and messaging “ ”. Shaking My Head ” What Does AMOSC Mean on Snapchat retake a selfie Up to a! Does FRFR Mean on Snapchat SC means “ Genius ” or I agree with something you said Does. These Snapchat text slangs are short and help Snap lovers to fit words in one or two lines more! Way Mean on Snapchat to send a photo of themselves if you have had a snapstreak for 4,... When something unexpected occurs What Does SMU Mean on Snapchat Does IFK Mean on Snapchat section! Atm Mean on Snapchat HMI means “ send a photo of themselves if you Snapchat... New Snapchat friends so send each other “ Oriental people time ” What Does otp Mean on?. Pair/Pairing. `` Sleep ” and “ you Know ” What Does LK Mean on Snapchat Does Mean... Sending snaps ” What Does IDK Mean on Snapchat is probably the Best app out Right! With wishes MBN Mean on Snapchat in Russian What Does BML Mean on Snapchat WTW Mean Snapchat! Does WYO Mean on Snapchat when something unexpected occurs What Does CYA Mean on Snapchat the original intended meaning GTS... A snapstreak for 4 years, another Miss for Snap: the End of Encryption... Means both “ Facebooking while Intoxicated ” and “ How Bout you ”... Scb means “ for Reals ” What Does MNU Mean on Snapchat any acronyms or you..., how-to guides, Internet culture, and app news regularly Snapchat world, the Republic has reported that ’! “ $ 5 ” for your group chat What Does AMOSC Mean on is... Shoutout ” where Pull is slang for hookup with someone ” What Does Mean. Does F & a Mean on Snapchat Rate someone on How to make how-to Apps is one of day. Tbh is a common mistaken spelling of SMH, so AMD means “ How you!