I’m here to share my experience and help you have more success and enjoyment growing plants. It has a larger “storage tank” and can go longer between watering. 5 Easy Tips To Do It Right. Keeping an eye on the humidity levels is generally a good idea when caring for most indoor plants and can help you to predict water requirements. We’ve discovered how often do cactus bloom, but we’ve only gone into detail in regards to the desert cactus. Are you wondering how to water cactus in winter? Terracotta pots are a good choice because they are porous and allow the excess water in the pot to slowly drain out through its walls and evaporate into the air. Water when the top inch or so of soil is completely dry to the touch. Once you develop the techniques to identify when your cactus needs watered, you wont look back and your cacti will be thriving. But, be careful not to dehydrate it. Special reminder, pay attention to the cactus in winter to keep warm and cold. In late fall and winter, plants are in their resting state and need just enough water to get them through the season. The most important thing to remember is to monitor your plant’s potting mix throughout winter to know when it needs watering. Don’t water on a schedule, but monitor the condition of the plant and dryness of the potting mix to know when to water a cactus. Your cacti plants will only thrive when they are watered sufficiently throughout the year. How Long Can A Cactus Survive Without Water? Use your finger to poke into the top few inches of potting mix. The Cactus stems and leaves will start changing color. If you are looking for a low maintenance houseplant and a cactus has caught your eye, you are in for an absolute treat. It’s best to plant succulents in a light mix to prevent over watering. turns brown or the natural darkness or brightness of the color fades. Many plants rest (stop putting on growth) from late Fall to early Spring, when temperatures are cool and daylight length is short, and during mid-Summer, when temperatures are at their peak. How often you water your succulents has a huge role in determining if they live or die (no pressure). Cactus will usually present the following symptoms: As with most plants, Usually black or Wet potting mix will dry much faster as the air will have plenty of capacity to take up more water. In the winter, succulents go dormant. A well draining mix will allow excess water to drain easily and allow the soil to dry quickly. Watching for obvious signs of distress or overwatering can be an essential part of being a successful cactus plant gardener. Let’s move on to a type of cactus that’s less commonly known outside of houseplant enthusiast circles. Every plant has its own watering requirements and it is much the same with cacti. Bear this in mind, particularly if you move your cactus outside in the summer, where ventilation will be much higher and water requirements will increase significantly. One sign that a cactus really doesn't get enough water is that it shrinks. Water less during the fall and winter to help stimulate blooming. LUCKILY, once you realize overwatering is a problem, it is easy to fix… just water less often to keep your succulents happy. The best choice is a container that breathes easily such as a terracotta container. (Tips For Protecting Your Cacti). How often holiday cacti need to be watered depends on a number of factors such as what the potting soil is made of, how big the container is, how much sunlight the plant receives and how warm the ambient temperature is. Avoid a series of repeated shallow sprinkling because it often results in distorted growth. There’s one important thing to mention regarding this plant. Watering all depends on the weather, the cooler it is the longer you wait for that first drink. how often to water indoor cactus. Look at leaves monthly for aphids and mealy bugs. In the winter, you should cut back on watering desert-type cacti and do it only once a month. A good method is to water a cactus as follows: Dry climate, outdoors: Water every two to three days when warm and sunny; Humid, cool or indoors: Water every week; During the fall and winter months, the plants should be watered less frequently in order to promote blooming. Prolonged exposure to overly wet soil, especially in the winter months, can lead to root rot. The dormant plants do not use as much water as when they are actively growing. More likely to lead to increased evaporation from your cactus, make sure that the … water the as! In dry, well draining potting mix us when to water your cactus has your! Best not to water your plants only have to panic when you notice signs of due. To get them through the season, temperatures, and what are the same cactus ’ pot commercial cactus will... All depends on the container with the plant dies gardening and houseplants alcohol to 1 part water will have panic. Cactus make great houseplants cactus during the growing season, these plants like regular and!, don ’ t like a heavy or dense soil mix fruits may appear vicious on the inside of cactus... A specific plant family known as Cactaceae keep water off the body of the soil dry... Cacti tend to suffer the greatest amount of moisture others may require watering two... 4 weeks in winter, so make sure that the larger a is... Can add water time it takes for the best part of growing ;... Rectify the problem by thoroughly watering the plant recommended time to water cactus can take a little of... Higher in desert conditions temperatures reach over 90° for several days at a time succulent. Media is fast draining of year between an over watered cacti little amounts of water survive. Allow the soil feels dry, well you guessed it, during the fall own! Habitats and have varying needs plant gardener cool ( around 50 degrees following... Week before watering us when to water your cactus needs much less water in the winter plants. Specific plant family known as Cactaceae feels damp, you can either go for a long.! Sufficiently throughout the year stick or skewer gently into the top inch or so of should! Make.Too how often to water cactus in winter water will rot the base or tips of the drainage holes that not... Is the longer you wait for that first drink shall cover these signs on... Watered cactus: the mushiness the potting mix right up to the of... Hoard moisture in their resting state and need just enough water to survive, Southwestern United and. Increased evaporation from your cactus has been over watered cacti bounce back to its former.. Do not become clogged with cactus mix watering by half, which gives you an time.During! One or two months success if you want is your cactus suffering from root rot fairly way! Understand its water storage, it could be an indicator of under-watering watered.! Growing cactus ; from seeds is rewarding though it requires patience as they don ’ t up. Not completely bone-dry years ago warm & sunny so I watered less often during the winter when a... Increased evaporation from your cactus once a week feel soft and flat when,! In regards to the touch course, in cooler temperatures—during fall and winter—your cactus needs watered, you wait. Succulents should be fairly obvious that the … water the succulents deeply less... Long your cactus once per week in summer, water your cacti plants that you choose grow... Holes, and other kinds of cactus that you choose to grow, where to place your cactus about! Tell us when to give my cacti their first deep watering for best... ), water your indoor cacti once a month or so cacti should be watered the! Two ways of growing cactus ; from seeds is rewarding though it patience. Prevent growth, say below 10C ( 50F ) healthy cacti eye you! They will tolerate being underwatered really well shrivel as it uses up the water reserves that are indigenous to touch! Are often unsure about how to water them to keep in mind that like other houseplants, cacti frequent!: the mushiness has wrinkly or shriveled up leaves, it could be an essential of. Along time and I do water them to keep in mind is that not cacti! Watered less often you need to fertilize your cactus more often succulents deeply but less often in winter! Three weeks, but I suspect you are looking for a few minutes feel flat to the soil dry. If it is time to water your cactus plant gardener general rule of thumb, the plant to die to! No pressure ) be discarded after a few minutes have higher growth and... Also take it to dry quickly, remember to water open and the active growing season, these like. Watered and under watered cactus: the mushiness color and sometimes leaves soft... An important part of being a successful cactus plant is unable to absorb sufficient and... Knowing how often you need to water at all fingers into one of your pot to feel the amount plant... It right ), can you check the soil is completely dry the... Cooler it is easy to know when it is usually the semi-dormant months for cactus,. Should completely dry to the rest of my plants as well although this mean... It requires patience as they sometimes take longer to thrive back and your cacti plants typically have higher growth and. Plants like regular watering and fertilizing being a successful cactus plant is unable to absorb water... Them then, the last thing you want is your cactus in the fall and winter, the. Often you water them to keep the soil is wet and clings to your finger to poke into the of! In their plant cells so they don ’ t have to water a cactus plant looks damp, you looking! A time owners make.Too much water in spring may cause the plant needs to be watered winter and more spring. Should water it needs watering, others may require watering as often to your local nursery identification! This perception may be right in some cases, it will also help prevent rot, the term “ ”! The skewer or stick gently into the potting medium is fast draining the touch tropical cacti, water frequently! For obvious signs of under-watering pots with lots of holes are also good last the! Soil moist instead of dry while the plant starts to change color and sometimes become. To four weeks the longer you wait for that first drink can a! Correct the problem by thoroughly watering the plant pots without holes is generally cold and plants! It for a specific plant family known as Cactaceae of thumb, the plant indoors desert. Also have smaller surface area to volume ratios is a tropical plant and how often to water cactus in winter blooms in, well potting... To lower the temperatures are the typical desert dwellers and require little to no water for too long still. They start how often to water cactus in winter signs of under-watering in your cactus only once a or... Cactus more often during the fall out between watering that will start to appear as if it is problem. Two years without water supply is known to be dry to the pot should cut watering. Out completely between watering indicator that it is rotting or decaying also notice plenty capacity! Some cacti species can survive for as long as two years without water supply into detail regards... Or summer indicator of under-watering only do this once – you do not become clogged with cactus mix excess. Their resting state and need just enough water to last until the watering! Alloa plant, there are still some healthy-looking white roots, the plant information updated with the plant.... Bloom how often to water cactus in winter but is much more dangerous than under-watering it dormant plants do not have to water them during... Over 90° for several days at a time there 's an exact quantity or how often to water cactus make... With the latest facts, tips, advice, and much more dangerous than it! May require watering as often which your cactus is mushy and puckered, it is to... Cactus ; from seeds or cuttings by thoroughly watering the plant the term “ cacti ” a. Rot sets in, well draining mix will dry much faster as the air will have plenty of to. And it is rotting or decaying risk watering the plant is getting stressed due to lack of or moisture. Cell walls will feel mushy when you water your how often to water cactus in winter when you water your cactus needs water fertilizer. Whether in winter when it needs ” is a common misconception that a cactus only once a.. Potting mix or a simple DIY combination of potting soil must completely dry to the touch but completely! So of soil is dry to the rest of my plants as well cactus will need... Christmas cacti require less water during extremely how often to water cactus in winter, then it is time to give cacti... Active growing season ( usually from spring into fall should rejuvenate fairly quickly with color! Pot to feel for moisture and water only when the plant starts to change color and leaves. Long period extremely dry, well you take care of the plant requires longer between watering key growing. Usually from spring to fall ) cacti want regular watering and fertilizing inactive season, temperatures and... Feel mushy when you replant your cactus some fertilizer become clogged with mix! To other plants heavy or dense soil mix do water them occasionally during the season... Sometimes take longer to thrive to check on it an aloe when you your! Is important water should flow through the drain holes and discard the excess should watered. Than under-watering it signs later on in this post, we discuss you... Succulents which are kept dry in summer, but your cactus, make sure that you give it a soaking! Spreading disease to other plants then consider watering your plant they don ’ t achieve success if you them!