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Crossed Itineraries...

Immersed in the world of ceramics since I was a child, I never became a ceramist myself…

I was introduced to this world by Celina Fontana, a family friend from Argentina. Her sandstone creations, such as home dishes, lamps and other home decors, were part of my family house. It was the seventies, in Sardinia, Italy.

My arrival in France and my career path through marketing, communication, translation and management brought me for years in a different direction from the world of ceramics and art. But it was only a matter of time.

In the nineties, in fact, my life path crossed that of Valeria Polsinelli. It was Valeria that showed me how to feel and model the clay in her studio in Montreuil-sous-Bois, in France.

It was now too late to turn back.

Then, more recently, the encounter with Jean-Claude Signoret became a further turning point in my life: I decided to concretize my life-long project of putting my competencies at the service of ceramics, exactly in the middle of a workshop at his studio in Caromb, Vaucluse, France.

My purpose today is very simple: meeting some of the needs of ceramics, supporting its dissemination in the market, yet in accordance with its nature and tradition. It involves building business networks amongst professionals in a win-win dynamic. This relies on a “new” advertising concept that grants partners a fundamental role.

The creation of Itinéraires Céramique is the result of this dynamic. You can discover the full range of services in this website.

Happy browsing and I hope to hear from you soon!


Sara Susini

Creator d’Itinéraires Céramique