Let yourself be inspired...

An invitation to an exhibition of contemporary ceramics is an excellent way to thank your most loyal customers, your friends and associates, particularly if you are hosting it!

Skills and tradition:
The savoir-faire of Itinéraires Céramique is based on a long experience in marketing and communication.

Itinéraires Céramique gathers its strength from the ceramics/pottery tradition, the artists and artisan’s networks and from conviviality. These are the essential ingredients of the events organized by Itinéraires Céramique and its partners.

Distinguish yourself!
Opening the doors of your Company to the exhibitions organized by Itinéraires Céramique means embracing ceramics tradition for a unique moment in order to:
  • Offer an emotional experience to colleagues and to present and future customers

  • Invite the public to (re-)discover your Company, its products and its culture

  • Nourish your own sources of inspiration, living a quality cultural experience


C. Fontana


Take advantage of this exceptional and propitious moment to weave new commercial networks.

Itinéraires Céramique takes care of all aspects of organisation, so that you can fully experience and enjoy this privileged moment in the company of your guests.

Contact us and together we will organize a unique event with a strong commercial dynamic.


V. Polsinelli

Itinéraires Céramique savoir-faire

Itinéraires Céramique designs and implements an ad hoc strategy to:

  • Strengthen corporate image
  • Trigger the recruitment of new customers
  • Encourage retention of existing customers
  • Boost off-peak periods of activity
  • Create or strengthen business networks with partners, customers, prospects and suppliers
  • Differentiate the positioning of the company through the organization of a publicity stunt distinguished and unique
  • Provide new sources of inspiration…