#94. Something for shelter if needed. MREs – Expensive, crazy-high sodium, can cause constipation if eaten regularly. If you have other people with you that can’t carry their own weight (children, disabled people, etc. Just seems impractical for a bug out bag. Having a well-stocked first aid kit would make all the difference as it … Will be used for illumination indoors and out, signaling, and identification of possible threats. You may consider a pair of each, nested inside one another to cover your bases. For instance, you may want to skip on packing fish hooks if you don’t know how to fish. Below we’ll assess the items you should consider in categories essential to survival. #69. #77. The priority is to cover at least your head for protection and weather. Extra prescription or reading glasses/ contacts – If you cannot get by without them, you can’t get by without them. Protein bars work well too. Poncho – Used for keeping rain off of your body on the go or as a small shelter. Lightweight, durable, water-resistant, and ready to fulfill all your survival needs. Pick something that won’t melt or get pulverized into dust inside your pack or pouches. rated against impact and shattering. The worst that can happen to flushable wipes is that they dry out – an ounce of water in the bag (even if the bag has a hole) will re-hydrate them for immediate use. The drop point knife also has a thicker blade, better lock, and handle, making it the heaviest and thickest of my tactical knives. #127. Also, lithium batteries are considerably lighter than their alkaline counterparts. Hygiene: You can use a sock and whatever water to freshen up. Plenty of good models to choose from, pick one that will boil water the quickest for the least consumption of fuel. They do benefit from sturdy packaging and excellent preservation. Keeping these clean and sanitary over time is challenging, but benefits outweigh the drawbacks for mobility. Footwear (in addition to hikers) – If you can spare the weight, a backup pair of hiking shoes or boots will ensure you stay mobile while waiting on a pair to dry out, or furnish a replacement if your primaries get damaged. Some preppers prefer more gear, others prefer a minimalist approach. #32. This list is way to much so I’m giving it a 2 star rating. These are the basic essentials that we all need for everyday survival. At the very least, a bug out bag should help you survive 3 to 5 days away from home. A blanket is lots of things too: its a towel, its a coat, its a sleeping mat, its a tent, its a bag …. But before we do that, let’s start with the most obvious question you may have…. Bandannas – Useful for keeping sun off your head, face and neck, mopping sweat, as impromptu dressings and countless other mundane tasks. it will give any would-be assailant strong incentive to desist, or severely degrade their vision if they don’t. Get a quality one; this will allow you to cook or boil water for sanitization. A great pick me up, and easy to carry. Take time to ascertain limitations before committing to carrying one. #24. First aid kit – being in the wild is in itself a danger. Having them on a checklist would be a good idea. Be sure to harden it with a specialty case or keep it in a heavy-duty plastic baggie. Gun Cleaning Kit – Depending on the length of your anticipated excursion, this could be a multi-section rod with a few patches and bottle of oil or a more complete gun care kit with spare parts. Cordage. The Combat Bag’s zipper and clips are heavy duty and long lasting.. #23. Standard Matches – Flimsy barbecue or matchbook matches are useless when wet and fragile. Guys in the military use ka bars to open boxes more than they do to open enemy troops. More of my backpacking gear is moving into my BOB. #76. Hand Sanitizer – Used after cooking, cleaning, nature’s call or exposure to other biohazards. Be it in a city or the back country you will find thousands of … Matches, waterproof – Accept no substitutes. Used obviously for light, but can be used for heating if employed with caution. Let us know below and we’ll make sure we add it. A tent is quickly very heavy, avoid when possible if 72 hours is the goal, so you could use a tarp setup. This is another item that will do you no good if you do not already have the know-how: if you aren’t practiced, leave it at home. Water Purification Tablets – A backup method to the above item, works even on the move or in conjunction with water filter to treat highly suspect sources. Fishing Rod and Hooks – If you will be traveling through an area with bodies of water well populated by fish, a proper, if spartan, fishing rig is a great choice to provide a steady supply of high quality protein. – Because this bug out bag contains only the bare essentials that are needed for evacuation. #72. Some people will want them, others won’t. #63. Paracord is immensely strong for its size, and can be used for everything from shelter to trapping and more. #114. A knee brace in such a scenario will both extend your range and minimize pain and damage. – remove things that are heavy (extra water, canned food, books) Don’t forget the weight of batteries. Now water is heavy and can take up a lot of space in your bug-out bag. Ziploc brand bags have excellent closures and work well for holding water, waste or merely compartmentalizing your supplies in your pack. We can’t survive without water for long.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thesurvivaljournal_com-box-4','ezslot_4',107,'0','0'])); Nearly nothing is more important to your survival than water. That’s what your bug out bag should be like. You don’t need extreme high output for this; focus on comfort and long run time. Can charge anything that they are rated for, typically via USB outlet. #109. Help, my BOB is 65 lbs. Now it’s time to discuss another kit, the everyday carry kit or EDC Kit.. If your get home bag and bug out bag are roughly the same sizes, then you may want to re-prioritize what you’ll really need in order to get home safely. Paracord. If you make it a point to keep a charged spare with it, you can drastically extend the time you can make use of either calling or apps between recharges. Aluminum Foil – For cooking and fire starting. Bug Out Bag List The Bug Out Bag Itself!
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