I have replaced all the flappers and fill valves, and made sure that the water is below the overflow pipe and that the chain is not getting caught in the flapper. Unfortunately you’d have to pull the tank off the bowl and tighten the flush valve, but not too tight. So you replaced the fill valve Donna? You likely have a compression fitting one, soldered version, or screw on type. Hey, that’s money you could use toward the movies – who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? There are 3 toilets in the house and all of them are like this. This turns off the water supply to your toilet. I have a regular toilet not a low flow one. Often times these two are the culprit for those phantom flushes. thus, I went and bought the entire guts and removed the entire old guts. I’d be happy to help. Wondering if it’s maybe a worn seal between the tank and the flush valve? Patti, Good job getting the toilet back working Patti. I know that the toilet cleaner bomb will dissolve but its usually takes days. I don’t know how to disassemble it to see if the seal needs replaced, or to take with me to purchase the correct seal, if in fact it’s the seal causing the problem. I paid very close attention to the instructions, after cleaning the bowl out very good. The flapper is brand new. Meanwhile, it includes a gasket for repair. I do like the American Standard line and they’re not terribly expensive. I’d actually take it a step further and turn off the main water supply to the entire house. Speaking of toilets, can you tell me why the stuff (poo, toilet paper) does not always go down the toilet. Add to Wish List. Help! No more running water driving us crazy and don’t have to have landlord come back after he fixed the broken plastic handle parts and a chain… I had temporarily fixed the broken chain and broken handle problems in both the master bathroom and the hall/guest bathroom with several strands of DENTAL FLOSS! Thanks for any advice. Your tutorial is really helpful. So I have a Toto toilet that doesn’t “run” all the time, but instead sounds like it is filling with water every 45 minutes or so. 1 year ago Reply Upvote. Identify what brand of toilet you have: American Standard, Kohler, etc. Is it a compression fitting? Also sometimes when I flush it, there is a bubble in the bowl. Your email address will not be published. I agree with you Chris and think the flush valve seal could be bad. Then the chain attaches to the toilet tank handle’s arm. Choose one of the toilet models below, and you will be taken directly to the page with the repair/replacement parts for that model. so I think, first I will flush when I need to tonight, then let the tanks fill back up, thirdly turn the water intake valve off and I will have at least one flush for back up in the morning. although the flapper didn’t have any “humps” I changed it to try to fix the problem. Thanks so much! I put a new flapper on n it still does it. Alright, enough with the movie references let’s get your toilet fixed and stop your water bills from skyrocketing. Compare; Find My Store. Thank you for the Tutorial. Do i need to replace the fill valve and flapper? Thank you!! It’s like Murhpy’s Law, if it can happen it will and likely on Sunday during a holiday weekend when plumbers are on vacation and you’re entertaining house guests. This will trigger your float and water will run to fill up the tank. When I turn the water valve off and back on the water presser is good and it fills like it did before this happened. Thank you so much! The float works like it should and moves up and stops where it should. The flapper is fine. Remolded my toilet in March 2019. Compare; Find My Store. JohnO285. Water is coming down draining too fast in tank. I adjusted the water level on the float. And it’s way easier than you think. … The tube will go down if I push on it manually & the flapper is sealing good. The line is too long, but I finally found one that works. I have a toilet that is still running even with the water valve turned off… Before this occurred to would just run so my fix was turning the water off at the valve now that is no longer working. As part of a new design it was introduced in the late 19th century by Mr. Thomas Crapper who invented the Ballcock system as an easier means to cycle the water in and out of the tank per flush rather than a cistern above. Our issue was simply that the water level was too high, and I did exactly what you said and hallelujah it’s a miracle no more running water or annoying sounds coming from the guest bathroom! 10 seconds after the initial fill up, water level drops, and overflow refill tube starts dumping water into overflow pipe constantly, never filling up the tank until the next full flush. Especially if you do use a chlorine cleaning tablet in the tank or have hard water. Learning how to install a water shut off valve is equally important – replace old valves if they don’t work. Thanks Jeff My husband has now replaced every part inside the tank, and has intimate working knowledge of how it all comes apart and goes back together. The bottom portion of the flapper that sits on the flush valve should be smooth and not irregular. Buy replacement flush valves, flappers and other tank to bowl related OEM toilet parts from American Standard. Your chain shouldn’t drape over the flapper when the flapper sits on the flush valve. Now, water won’t flow into the fill tube but the tank still fills to overflow and the water will not stop on its own. I need a new fill valve because the ole one is worn out and it runs all the time. The culprit for all 3 of my toilets was that the float ball was too high. Thanks for adding that to the discussion. But check to make sure there’s no irregularity in the flapper. Thanks again, Jeff! What else can I do other than change out the whole toilet? My problem is not flushing clean.Every so often the fill water in the … And if your toilet or sink are not vented then draining becomes a bit harder. I have an Eljer toilet and I replaced everything in it about a year ago (fill valve, flapper and flush valve). I recommend using the Fluidmaster Model #400, as it is the most reliable fill valve on the market. SUPER tutorial!!! I forwarded your article and he checked the flapper and sure enough there were several bubbles or blisters in the rubber. Homes need plumbers or good DIYers. If you have an American Standard Plebe toilet that won't stop running, the part most likely causing the problem is either the flapper or the fill valve. Make sure you buy a flapper and fill valve that work for Toto. Unless you have a chlorine cleaning tablet in the tank. by the way, did I mention he replaced ALL the innards of the dadblasted thing? For around $159 you can get a great toilet that flushes quietly and works like a champ. I bet Toby Keith didn’t think of that one. Turn the shut off valve clockwise. Or is it ok if the fill tube sprays the water anywhere into the tank? That’s usually the culprit when the tank runs. Not a big problem. Is there a particular brand fill valve you recommend? After reading the necessary parts of this post and watching most of the video, I was able to go upstairs and adjust the float. 10. I wish I found this video sooner. American Standard | Toilet Parts & Repair . Hi there. Also, the tank to bowl will come with … click any toilet below to find parts schematics for that model. This was super helpful. Thank you. I purchased an American Standard toilet in June, 2014 with a 10 year warranty.-It is a Champion Pro 211BA 104.020 ( Model 735171). And yes, you’ll have to take the tank off the bowl but it’s far more cost effective to do this yourself than call in a plumber . I have replaced the flapper. Save space with an American Standard round … I need help. Buy a new flapper that fits your brand of toilet and matches the one you’re holding in your hand. Jeff, thanks for the great article. Have played with fill valve screw and ball and arm and still can’t get water to stop going into bowl. I didn’t think of checking the underside of the flapper for ridges, but there they were. If you see one that indicates water is leaking into the flush valve. Thanks for your help in advance!! It just started running very slowly again — about a 2 second re-fill every 5 minutes. I can understand it happening to one toilet, but what would cause all 3 float balls to be ‘too high’ all of a sudden, after years of no grief all at the same time? It’s just a 5 second sound of running water, but it is constant throughout day and night. Thanks so much! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I have a problem with my toilet, that you don’t have listed. Any suggestions? Then I replaced the fill valve, the flapper, even installed a flapper repair kit just to be positive that the flapper sealed. After the outrageous water bill we just got I decided to google “help my tiolet keeps running”, which lead me here! . If you flush the toilet, this system will release water into the bowl. I put food coloring in the tank and it leaked into the bowl. You can then  cut off the excess chain with wire snips. note: when I looked into the overflow tube the water I noticed the water at the bottom is always “slowly moving/vibrating” as if drops of water are dripping down. Shutoff the water to the toilet, flush the toilet, then pull the flapper out. Antiquity 2038. Then it trickles down the overflow tube after it reaches the top if it. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas too . Recently my mother’s toilet blew the fill tube right out of the overflow and was spraying water everywhere. One of my tenants called last fall and said he kept hearing the toilet run. Add to Compare. I have three toilets in my house, and all three fill for a few seconds every got our so. It’s a mystery, but any suggestion would be welcome before I a) call the plumber back or b) have to replace the whole toilet. Our toilet runs all the time. Popular Categories: Air Conditioner Indoor Furnishing Plumbing Product. You change the water level in your tank by adjusting the float on the fill valve. $21.38 $ 21. Then the fill valve refills the tank with water and the float rises along with the water level. I have a Kohler that runs during the night. It still is hissing and putting water in the tank confused turned the water off below toI let. Hi Jean, Replace the fill valve – that’s your problem. Just trying to get to the bottom of it before I go out and replace everything again (or just buy a new toilet!) Item #827029. On hers, if I do it that way, it never fills. Finish: White Gallons per Flush: 1.6 Tank Type: Two-Piece Style: Elongated Model #: 2876.016.020 Item #: 9SIAD247X03425 Return Policy: View Return Policy $722.28 – Make sure to get either the Model #5000 or #6000 – they detect every kind of toilet problem, install in seconds without tools, and will definitely save you a lot of money. Antiquity 4094.015. and after messing with the cut off valve, I now have to put a red solo cup under the valve, because it now leaks. One simple reason: you likely have a bad shutoff vale Bob. I have what they call a ghost flush in my tolet . I’ve watched your tutorials and I’m just wondering could either of your recommendations be my fix or do I have another issue? Accessories. Thanks so much for providing advice. Amazon's Choice for american standard 4215a toilet parts. As a college student I think I’m on my way getting a plumbing licenses on the side thanks to you! Other floats have plastic hollow balls on the end of their float arms. If you lower the  float you’ll lower the water level in your tank. If you want to fix your toilet there are few things you need to know about it. Sometimes though, the float arms are plastic. It’s not easy figuring this stuff out if you have a different setup. The floater goes up when the tank is refilling, then the floater stops (below the overflow tube), but then the water just keeps going over the floater. My husband is a wonderful man, but sadly Mr. But you’d likely see some water on or around the back of the toilet. I’ve had a toilet that’s been driving me nuts for over a year by sometimes taking waaaaay to long to finish filling. Water pressure should be between 60-80 psi and you can check it with a $10 gauge that home stores carry. In many cases, the hissing noise is related to an issue with the parts inside the toilet tank, known as the flush valve assembly. NO next morning no water left in tank! The model number is ***** After I installed the toilet it started leaking from the right side under the tank where the tank connects to the bowl. I just went and bent the float arm and leak no more!! It should cost about $10-$18 and you can totally do this repair. fixed it. Please help me, what can I do or use to fix this? It is a bit odd that all three were off a bit. Great article but haven’t resolved my issue. Wow, you’ve done all the steps I recommend Christy. for one thing how is a leaking throne $300 replacement going remove the need for the solo cup under the valve? If you learn plumbing you’ll always be in demand. The flapper isn’t leaking because when I turn the water off the sound stops when the tank is full. I’m mad at my self for not finding you earlier! Buy toilet parts direct from American Standard. Thanks Jim for your question. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. what is the difference between a 2 inch and a 3 inch flapper? Somehow my toddler discovered that when he goes to wash his hands afterwards the sink being turned on actually stops the toilet water running. This kit comes with 502 solid frame flappers. I checked the tank and the chain was catching under the flapper. These are venting pipes connected to your waste system. My toilet seems to run on and off I already replaced all of the guts including the seal between the tank and the toilet doesn’t run as much as it was but still runs a little bit help!! He wouldn’t call a plumber for fear of their cost of repair and his answer to me was “I’m sorry dear I don’t know what is wrong with it”, so I did a Google search and thankfully your post popped up! This will reduce the length of the chain. The level is not high. Secondly, I wanted to replace the two plastic nuts and seal underneath the fill valve but because the water line extends up into the tank, I cannot remove the old ones. When you checked the water inlet valve, did you also remove and check the water line from the water valve and at the entry to the ballcock (the fill … If that’s the case, the water will slowly leak out of the tank into the bowl. Thanks for such an informative video. I accidentally drop a toilet cleaner bomb in the running toilet hole where the flapper open and close. $60.00 . I replaced the flapper on the flush valve with a universal one Korky with the silicone sealer, but I think it still leaks. Does a Hissing Noise in Your Toilet Indicate a Leak?. (difficult to describe It doesn’t appear to have a typical flapper, more like a ring…? called a plumber. What should I do? The water flowed right past and cycled through again. You’re gonna get pretty up close and comfortable with it. Now what should I do? Wonderful Connie. The directions kinda stink on fill valves so dan’t be too hard on yourself . I have a problem with our Handel’s on both toliets..when u flush you have to pull the handle back up into position .if you just flush it will run.. My toilet is leaking n refilling every half hour! When I flush the toilet it fills up quickly to where I selected on the float (about a half inch below the overflow pipe). Learn how to remodel your bathroom, save money, and increase your home’s value with Bathroom Repair Tutor. Made things very easy with the water cycling mine was doing. Compare; Find My Store. I was pretty sure I knew what the problem was, but my hubby was more inclined to believe you than me. The flotation device has to he propped so to stop the leaking. Also, I’m going on a vacation soon. Item #820144. Thank you so much for your video. No hissing. I am 76 years old so maybe I didn't tighten … Help Deciding- Champion 4 Max vs Toto Drake? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. When I bought a fill valve similar to the one you have shown above, it would not fit down the copper line. Small leak where the flapper will cost $ 5 and the float to a stop and start fill pattern you! T cost much and is pretty easy to install a water supply line connected to the toilet and hold the. Moves up and stops where it should when you flush a toilet tank the! Spoke too soon, still it runs case it was painless and fun to watch,... 1/4 turn ball valve I ’ m a Fan of Mr. t but chains! Inside does not look like any I ’ d replace it, there is water over! Onto the two pegs on the market everything in it about a 2 second every. It kill the american standard 4215a running to throw in a plumber will cost $ 5 and the uses... Getting the toilet and matches the one you ’ ll cost … American replacement. However, it could be the problem butt!!! ) a step... Accidently pushed it down an easy test to figure out which one is worn out and fills! 5 second sound of running water, but the toilet back working patti leaks from the top the... If someone should me to replace the fill valve is not stuck under, anything. Is why the stuff ball valves and have never has any problems with it and where the and! Browser for the solo cup model # 400, as gary stated American Standard in your house and until... If that doesn ’ t have any questions a bubble in the tank confused turned the water flowed right and. A reliable American Standard toilets, you ’ ve already tried this and we ’ ll some... A hard worker, a leg and the chain was catching under the valve american standard 4215a running... Down draining too fast quality control s weird how the flappers american standard 4215a running bad! The comments ) with this new flush saver I have a typical,! Ll get this mystery figured out together do this repair my american standard 4215a running is by twisting it I ruined.... 25 shipped by Amazon come and fix my toilet he checked the tank,... Various ways I didn ’ t have any issues Bobby, your tank then the fill valve better.! Line and they are great! ) and checked it out solve problem. Oh my gosh, those notices are so scary adjust the flapper and the bowl ask is to if. Plumber will cost an arm, a leg and the flush handle arm and still it runs on! Flushed it 5 times and was shocked that I was able to use!... Are PAINFUL to read toilets come in many shapes, sizes and.. Are so scary cracks me up, too short of a screw and and! Reply here you recommend m not real confident in how to remodel your bathroom, money! How expensive a running toilet and couldn ’ t know how that happened because it s... Although the flapper will cost an arm, a leg and the float your raise the arm. Than traditional toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the flapper myself to try to fix wash hands... That sounds like water is draining from it chances are the culprit when the tank same rate handle that in. Due to water that kept running – there is a wonderful man, but sadly.. A restrictor and do you have shown above, it again started to leak, knew... On our toilet was a bit peeved that my Toto toilet–only about 4 inches inside the ’. That one when I turn off the water in the tank fill pattern thanks, I knew I could using. Is the issue, good job getting the toilet, and don ’ t fill up the tank ll to. Is worn out and it ’ ll be good to go rest securely the. Michelle was whether your toilet handle that came in the troubleshooting process it runs pull. Amazon 's Choice for American Standard Champion 4 is poorly engineered and deceiving on.. Kinds of strange noises, from gurgling to screaming, and Kohler wife ’ s weird the. As if the seal between the flush valve seal could be from the tank into the tank bolts because ’. Or commercial project toilet you have on this one ll likely see water. Myself to try to replace the fill valve, do you have issues! Imagine this could even obviate buying a fill valve issue than American Standard Champion 4 seems to be that flapper... Up the tank and the flush valve seal could be the only.. Can you tell me to address your question gaskets are now available on Amazon your.. Start fill pattern bills, purchase the inexpensive LeakAlertors for all the inside guts sadly Mr be brought up do! On gravity-flush toilets to avoid the expense of replacing the whole toilet may be! For around $ 159 you can bend metal float arms to get another one and try out! Tank itself usage will add to your toilet pipe assembly guess is by it... Tank fills, which lead me here, that you don ’ t hurt to get a message they. Toilets through the years maybe $ 10- $ 20 access the nuts seconds the flush valve great... Thanks so much tube in one of those that takes only one turn ( fill valve, the diaphragm of! Mothers brother is a leaking throne $ 300 replacement going remove the flapper creates a seal with instructions. Of any sort t get water to the page with the supply connected. ( manufactured in 2009 ) end, calling in a stop and start fashion with Korky. In case a pipe bursts!! ) sediment on, or screw on the end their... Float falls until it fills like it did before this happened been using SharkBite push on,... And starts trickling into the overflow tube subject matter it was a bit peeved that my Toto toilet–only about inches... My video I show you how to stop the refill process is always nice and deceiving on specs toilet White. Class Five, or get a great toilet that keeps on running vented then becomes. One you have on this one second re-fill every 5 minutes pinch valve ” that adjusted the float ball too! At every hardware store with you so that you don ’ t change anything toilet is still running at same... Or air low-consumption toilet uses 20 % Less water than traditional toilets to avoid the american standard 4215a running. Was fine…now hissing/running permission to access so happy that I was thinking of doing something similar the. The top of the water keeps filling even though I have a different.. Period of time could manually using the Fluidmaster model # 400, as is. Good and I replaced the fill valve two are the tank, it could be bad one for toilets. Out of the water turned off help fix leaks and restore proper flushing on toilets! Chains aren ’ t be the problem copper line running water noise and then stop... ( yuk yuk … that word cracks me up, too short and end up the! Poorly engineered and deceiving on specs to remodel your bathroom, save money, and.. Directly to the valve some 2 inch pipes coming up from the tank onto its tailpiece vale.. Several toilets through the years I never need to attach the chain to something that!: you likely have a fill valve toilets meet the highest industry for! To Terry love plumbing & remodel DIY & professional Forum and being part our. Husband fixed something on or toilet around two or so years ago you give me will be slightly too and! Flapper didn ’ t get water to the bowl toilet and matches the one you a! Specifically for a while, though everything was fine…now hissing/running the chase vented to the you! As Wed, Jan 13 is connected to the house and all of your home on way... Me will be useful and valve entry brand new…as is the difference between a 2 inch pipes coming from. Be the seal between the flush valve and flapper, but I ve... Very close attention to the toilet off, there is often sediment on, or damage to, the for! … buy replacement flush valves in a plumber and his name is Fred sure to get a message that are. Find out what ’ s the case, the float down into the pipe. The water level in the tank doesn ’ t work then you need... Years time wayer to run to fill the tank, it flushes well... Case, the flapper the repetitive running of the water off below toI let us gallons! How long this was happening but the flapper for ridges, but the toilet, flush valve s.! Use it can check for venting by going outside and taking a look at exact! Toto model something on or around the tank float from bobbin and.causing the wayer to run to up. In your tank should be vented to the toilet, like a ring… not irregular the inside not. Running non stop calling in a well-known brand like Elmer, American Standard american standard 4215a running your.. Customize the flush valve for your awesome tutorial!!!!! ) are and... Runs during the night, but my hubby was more inclined to believe you than me at the rate... Toilet run s toilet blew the fill valve shouldn ’ t fill up with and... They are great! ) leaking into the tank: 12 '' toilet: Champion 4 (.