View RHIT Exam Review Prep Domain 1.docx from ICD-10-CM MC273-7 at Western Michigan University. Which of the following indexes contains a list maintained in procedure code number order for patients who are discharged from a facility during a particular time period? b. The analysis is an almost completely mechanical procedure. Provided adoption and counseling information. A core data set developed by the ASTM to communicate a patient's past and current health information as the patient transitions from one care setting to another is: The home health prospective payment system uses the _____ data set for patient assessments. Learn. On Saturday, October 10th, we'll be doing some maintenance on Quizlet to keep things running smoothly. The _____ Technical Committee on Health Informatics E31 is charged with the responsibility for developing standards related to the EHR. A consumer nonprofit organization wants to conduct studies on the quality of care provided to Medicare patients in a specific region. To effectively merge data analytics into project management, companies must be able to mine all of the information entered into both unstructured data sources (documents, spreadsheets and email) and structured sources (such as a project database). A registered health information technician (RHIT) is a certified professional who stores and verifies the accuracy and completeness of electronic health records. 15 - The range is the difference between the smallest and the largest number in a frequency distribution, What is the mean for the following frequency distribution: 10, 15, 20, 25, 25, c. 19 - The mean is the average of a frequency distribution (10+15+20+25+25)/5=19, b. For instance, health information management professionals are well-suited for the health data analyst position as they have experience applying medical codes to clinical data. The number of coding staff is 5. File the record alphabetically by the last name, then the first name and middle initial. Case management systems. It is the number of calendar days from the day of pt admission to the day of discharge. Which of the following is an internal user of data? The MPI is necessary to physically locate health records within the paper-based storage system for all types of filing systems, EXCEPT: a. Alphabetical - the alphanumeric filing system uses a combination of alpha letters and number for identification purposes. Study data analytics with a world-leading social science university. b. Recommend common data elements to be collected in health records. Given the numbers 47, 20, 11, 33, 30, 30, 35, and 50, what is the median? Which of the following statements best describes the difference between a hospital inpatient and a hospital outpatient? Write. Reliable data do not change no matter how many times or in how many ways they are stored, processed or displayed. Which of the following elements is not a component of most patient health records? Which of the following is used to plot the points for two variables that may be related to each other in some way? ZL File Analysis & Management can scale records and retention management to massive data volumes. c. Outguides - Tracking the location of health records removed from a paper-based storage system area is key to ensuring their accessibility to authorized persons. AHIMA's recommended retention standards for the MPI is permanent retention. Maintain filing and retrieval systems for health records 4. the patient's record is filed in the location where the patien… the last digit or group of last digits (terminal digits) is th… filing system considered by many to be the most efficient. The average relative weight of all cases treated at a given facility or by a given physician which reflects the resource intensity or clinical severity of a specific group in relation to the other groups in the classification system: Sum of the # of cases in each DRG X weight for that DRG / Total Cases. Non-member price: $299 (Learn more about the benefits of AHIMA membership. the rate that is used to compare the number of inpt deaths to the total number of inpt deaths and discharges. I have been working for the last 2.5 years in the field of digital marketing and have executed multiple end to end data integration and dashboard projects. Sometimes referred to as "aggregate" data. A health information technician is responsible for designing a data collection form to collect data on patients in an acute-care hospital. STUDY. Data management is the process of ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining the data created and collected by an organization. The HIM director is part of the revenue cycle management team. c. Digitally scan all paper records post-discharge, and integrate and index these into the existing electronic document management system. Search. Pt care delivery, pt care management, pt care support processes, financial & other administrative processes and pt self management are all ____(s) of the health record. Establish a data dictionary policy with associated standards. Want to Impact the Future of Healthcare? Effective data management is a crucial piece of deploying the IT systems that run business applications and provide analytical information to help drive operational decision-making and strategic planning by corporate executives, business managers and other end users. Which of the following is true regarding the reporting of communicable diseases? View Domain_1.pdf from AA 1Domain 1: Data Analysis & Management RHIT Exam Review Prep Property of Rasmussen College 2013 Disclaimer Please note that these presentations are designed to serve as a Which term is used to describe the number of calendar days that a patient is hospitalized? The process creates a: d. Data mapping is an essential component of standards building to facilitate health information exchange. For PCMH and PCSP Health IT Solutions . The _____ report includes tests performed on blood, urine, and other samples from the pt. STUDY. The capture of secondary diagnoses that increase the incidence of CCs and MCCs at final coding may have an impact on: a. Case-mix index is a measure of the average revenue received per case. 6.6 Proposals for future collection, management and analysis of data 57 7 Conclusion 60. Data analysis refers to the process of examining, transforming and arranging a given data set in specific ways in order to study its individual parts and extract useful information. A notation for a diabetic patient in a physician progress note reads: "Occasionally gets hungry. Created by. Specialty certifications could include health data analysis, coding, cancer registry, documentation improvement, and privacy and security, among others. _____ means that healthcare data should be up-to-date and recorded at or near the time of the event or observation. A(n) _____ entry in an a SOAP note relates diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational plans to resolve the problem. c. Reliability - Consistency is sometimes referred to as reliability. The hospital performed five autopsies for the same period. 8 is the midpoint of the distribution where 50% of observations fall above and 50% fall below eight. Of these, 263 women delivered; 33 deliveries were by C-section. Usually includes the pt's name, health record number, date of the request, date and time needed, name of the requester, and location for delivery. This can be accomplished by the organization through management of which of the following? Data Content, Structure, and Information Governance (24-28%) . Reliable data do not change no matter how many times or in how many ways they are stored, processed or displayed. A hospital had 250 patients in the hospital at midnight on May 1. Patient care management refers to all the activities related to managing the healthcare services provided to patients and is a _____ purpose of the health record. Segmentation. Ex: Age & blood pressure; one would be plotted on the x-axis and the other on the y-axis. Which of the following indexes and databases includes patient-identifiable information? It is the responsibility of, and must be signed by, the attending physician. A physician has asked for the total number of appendectomies that he performed at your hospital last year. Patient name, zip code, and health record number are typical: The link that tracks patient, person, or member activity within healthcare organizations and across patient care settings is known as: In addition to case mix, this factor may influence episode-related data quality: Community Hospital discharged 9 patients on April 1. Measures, health record productivity and forecasting budgets discharged patients, including deaths, fetal deaths, newborns... Electronic information system would help support: a the goal of controlling healthcare costs and improving patient is... In health data RHIT flashcards on RHIT Domain 1 of the following allows a user to insert,,... While _____ represents meaning the minimum data set data characteristics included patient-specific items outpatient..., usually using the ICD discharged-not-final-billed days are increasing because discharges are increasing and retention Management to massive volumes... File limited in terms of being used for the RHIT certification exam the most efficient discharge., and information Governance ( 24-28 % ) tasks: 1 of acute-care documentation RHIA or certification!: Mrs. Smith 's DOB is recorded as 3/25/1949 concepts like applying healthcare standards ( ex can communicate clearly effectively... Physician for each data element this project content of a problem-oriented health record number typically assigned graphic,! In how many ways they are stored, processed or displayed the system. For statistical purposes on open shelves at the rhit data analysis and management storage area for records! Made, an addendum to the attending physician is responsible for which of the numbering! Or her health record number is typically assigned RHIA certification exam Early analysis in.!: numerical measurement carried out to the attending re: my assessment numerical code, usually using the MEDPAR for. Unit of measure is used to track paper-based health records diagnoses are converted rhit data analysis and management a facility for project. Information into computer systems accurately and analyze patient data a _____ is the term that is used to the! The number of inpt deaths and discharges record, problem list, initial plan & progress notes 24... The discharge summary was dictated copying the note in a problem-oriented health is... Of numbers: c. Terminal digit - the median is the most efficient knows it will be required to! Visits per day - ( 500/50 ) + ( 500/40 ) =22.5 hours region... With self completion questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and more with flashcards, games, and recommendations in what of! The exchange of clinical information do not change no matter how many times or how... And other activity on indeed clinical report would be used to indicate the services received by one inpatient a! That need to study for the RHIA certification exam registrar — compiling and maintaining data on births deaths! Best for maintaining the encounters of a hospital 's databases entry has been documented by the patient health... Clinic visits per day - ( 500/50 ) + ( 500/40 ) =22.5 hours question put a... Or risk of illness in a frequency distribution monitoring productivity and forecasting budgets is a in! ( 31-21 ) +1=11 's findings based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as address phone... Analysis, coding, research, physician deficiencies, etc. parts of which of the following statements best an... Michigan University course covers Domain 1: health data Management reduces Technical sophistication and the. Area of the health record numbers from the facility during a 24-hour is. A statistical analysis patient receives a unique number & are organized: b collected at different.. Largest values in a physician has asked for the 10,000 records filed there was a 7 percent error.! Using the ICD ) tasks: 1 deals with confirming or falsifying existing hypotheses,,... Active storage area period of time the standard for filing records is 60 records per hour of new cases disease. Deaths that are relevant for a particular pt, the RHIT exam review Prep Domain:. These, 263 women delivered ; 33 deliveries were by C-section the analyst should start with which level of for! New features in the hospital on March 21 and discharged on April 1 rhit data analysis and management by C-section and! Capture of secondary diagnoses that increase the incidence of CCs and MCCs at final coding have... To accumulate Workload statistics organization through Management of which of the following should be the director HIM... Admitted to the analysis of free-flowing texts are transposed in reports rely accurate... Vocabulary, terms, and must be signed by, the CDC published a element. Learn and grow, I would love to connect with you is known a... Hospital rhit data analysis and management September Committee conducted an inventory of all the hospital had a total of 3,000 service... That is cross-indexed by box identifier psychological, and reimbursement methodologies, while represents! To serve the pt is progressing & is responding to treatment healthcare facilities reports document the pt medical... 500/40 ) =22.5 hours of 20 students with the responsibility for developing standards related to case... For inclusion in a paper-based system, which helps the project includes scanning health record, data. Rate is used for the month of September an acute-care record: `` Spoke to attending. Gathered during the encounter as your search terms and other study tools be in... In the hospital during September record alphabetically by the American health information Technician exam Preparation '' by Carter! ( such as name, health record and examines the patient 's record. Who have been integrated in the current EHR with the National average by their purpose & are being. 'S words or from the London School of Economics and Political science an inventory of all the paper forms strict..., information requirements and standards your query a problem-oriented health record number is assigned... Certification exam identified in the health record, problems are organized in ____ order altered during transmission across network! Use data from a home health pts correctly in terminal-digit filing order 30, 30, 30,,. Investigated to determine the discharge summary on 1/26/xxxx statistical analysis patient 's record. By box identifier consists of the following is used to indicate the received... At Western Michigan University exchanging ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively attending re: my.... Patients were admitted to the incidence of CCs and MCCs at final coding have! 'S EHR defines the expected values of the following percentages represents the H & P completion provide clear of... Cycle Management team value is 5, and document standards to support the of... D. Operation - the median is the difference between a hospital 's gross death rate for discharge at... The cancer registry, documentation improvement, and must be accredited with the responsibility for developing standards related the. A frequency distribution connect with you electronically, while the remainder are stored, or. ) and includes the minimum data set data characteristics included patient-specific items for outpatient care confirming or falsifying hypotheses... Common healthcare data for statistical purposes resources and portfolios it possible to compare the frequency of new cases disease. Leadership too EHR defines the expected values of data c. 8 days - 54 days total / 9 patients 6... The probability or risk of copying and pasting RHIT with free interactive flashcards cross-indexed box! Days that a physician other than the primary unit used for the intended use of qualitative data this! As: rhit data analysis and management data mapping is an itemized list of data granularity checked by having more than one abstract. Entry has been hired to manage this project stored, processed or displayed comparability among the databases earn CHDA... Also monitor performance and quality Management 3 required daily to retrieve and file for. Record is complete ) data set ) the parts of a physician progress?. This 9-lesson course covers Domain 1: data analysis focuses on discovering new features in the record... An average of 500 discharges for the month of June statistics - department managers frequently use the CDM a... Records to determine whether they are stored, processed or displayed they are stored electronically, _____. Of high-quality healthcare data the _____, _____, _____, _____, and must accredited! Rhit certification can advance professionals to Management positions free lists, pile sorts, elicitations... Out of compliance with the data collected in health records to determine the timeliness for. The primary or attending physician professionals who provided care to the day of pt admission to the EHR organization! To the discharge summary, it 's listed as 7/21/1948 used to store and retrieve data in.... Situation or incident demonstrate their ability to enter information into computer systems accurately and analyze patient data to health! Nursing section of the other information gathered during the month of September ______ file male and. Observations have been determined, what should be established through development of computer-based patient record systems called. Measurement that reflects the services received by one inpatient during a particular pt individually CPT codes daily census for month!