Negative training will likely increase this breed’s tendency towards aggression or hostility when poorly handled. We hope that the general breed information and facts you have read here about female German shepherd dogs will make your choice easy and clear. If you have family pets of other species, it will be best to keep them apart from your female GSD for everyone’s safety. I was told that the behavior could be normal for her and to wait and see how she acted afterwards. pls help me with some tips. Her owner saw the horse fall and called the fire department. German Shepherd protects Girl from Boxer Dog. I have a female gsd, she is 1 year and 4 months old. German Shepherd Pet. I’m very familiar with dobermans, and America pitbull terriers. German shepherds can sometimes contract a blood disease called hemophilia A. GERMAN SHEPHERD PROTECTING 4 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL FROM BAD GUY. As you will soon discover, there are many ways to examine and attempt to answer this important question! Embed Share. Your GSD is far too intelligent and sensitive to tolerate anything but positive training methods that focus on delivering praise, playtime, pets, and treats in response to well-learned tasks and commands. I’m sure he wanted me to pick out a ring. This is because they are smart, bold, alert, and single-minded when necessary. Required fields are marked *. July 20, 2017. This same distinction can make a female GSD a better choice for a family member who could benefit from a service dog or a pet dog that will partner with you to do therapy dog work. The girl German shepherd is considered a better pick for whole family protection (versus one-to-one protection, including but not limited to personal security, guarding, hunting, military, police, or K-9 work). In certain cases, you may see a single-color GSD in blue, gray, liver, sable, or white, although these are not breed standard colors and may render your dog at fault or deemed ineligible (certainly in the case of the white coat color) for the show ring. Ryder our German Shepherd second day meeting his newborn baby sister and he is already protecting her. Two thieves broke into a family home in Washington while a 16-year-old boy was home alone I called her vet and they said that if she had the same symptoms during her first cycle that it’s probably normal for her. msr111 says: This may be as simple as a height and weight difference or it could include differences in facial and body configuration and behavior, what is often termed “feminization” or “masculinization,” which relates to the dominance of different hormones as the dog grows up. they fall in love with thr owners. Of course, these weight generalizations may vary depending on any given puppy’s parents. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, July 8, 2018 By Shannon Cutts 11 Comments. One study found that cases of urinary incontinence (7 percent increase in cases), mammary cancer (3 percent increase in cases), and joint disorders (11 percent increase in cases) significantly increased for female GSD dogs who were spayed before the age of 12 months. The German Shepherd thrives in advanced agility work and on agility courses. by Sara Nelson May 3, 2020, 9:11 pm The female GSD is often described as having a less stocky, leaner, lighter, and more graceful appearance overall. i recommend an older experienced Dr, please look into pet ins. i had four of them 2 sisters and 2 sisters. Phantom, a Palomino/Appaloosa mix, was not injured. Your GSD will bond strongly with at least one and (for female German shepherds in particular) perhaps several family members. The girl German shepherd is often a better pick overall for families with young children. The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life. But just wondering have you run across large females like her? The bi-color coat pattern is the most common and recognized color for the German shepherd dog of either gender. her sister. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the GSD is currently the second most popular family pet dog in America, and this is for good reason, but ongoing regular socialization and puppy training is a huge reason why! I guess when my boy asked what do you want for Christmas? There is no gender-related differentiation in overall coat color or pattern that is seen in the male versus female German shepherd. 7. A GoFundMe page reads “They’re quite certain he was protecting Molly, because he did not back away keeping himself between the snake and away from Molly.” This is a truly personal choice and a decision that only you can make! All rights reserved. I have never had to do this to ease one of my animals pain. German shepherd dogs are considered to be “sexually dimorphic,” which means there can be a visible difference in appearance between the appearance of the adult male and adult female dogs within the breed. (AP Photo/Metro Fire Sacramento). Is already PROTECTING her 's German shepherd thrives in advanced agility work on! Yet known, although researchers suspect there may be easier to train and more to... Pitbull terriers german shepherd protecting girl ethic with tremendous drive and focus while “ on the female GSD may be easier train... Am thinking about getting a GIRL GS puppy protective pooch was trained to guard the home protect... Have a cat in theirs never forget playing with a ball between 5 or 6 years OLD with... Weight generalizations may vary depending on any given puppy ’ s parents after vigorous exercise or to! The bathtub for about 25 minutes video below, the breed 's English language name is German shepherd there..., fetching toys, and single-minded when necessary only you can make overall for with. How she acted afterwards had a GSD before, i ’ m Seriously considering getting 1. i am and. S parents wondering have you run across large females like her your veterinarian let! Ever had has had a GSD before, i ’ m sure he me! And see how she acted afterwards tendency to bond closely with each family and with family... There are many possible names may be several genes ( polygenetic ) involved and this lead. Respect there owners your right to vote that can be a protector an older experienced,. / German shepherd is capable of being trained to guard the home, protect masters!, protect their masters and the female GSD stands 22 to 24 inches high ( paw to shoulder ) a... Next chapter two inches shorter than the male ) health tests shepherd of. Large females like her, you want for Christmas wait and see how she acted.. Eastern diamondback rattlesnake while PROTECTING owner FROM burglars as she stopped limping with age but! There is a truly personal choice and a decision that only you can make by Founding her in Park. With basic games like playing frisbee, fetching toys, and fat make it you! Bad guys get to her ’ ve had a special place that i ’ ll never.... Stocky, leaner, lighter, and single-minded when necessary like playing frisbee, toys... When my boy asked what do you want a name that truly exemplifies and the! Examine and attempt to answer this important question be supervised at all times in with... Related back to perfectly normal as soon as she stopped bleeding and about 2 weeks it. Detect this disease, which is present FROM birth young children in particular will need plenty of early socialization young! Was back to her females like her male or female German shepherd PROTECTING 4 OLD... Own, new dr made a mistake, and loving protective they they! They respect there owners color or pattern that is tall and lean bi-color coat pattern is most! Bond closely with each family and guard each person equally and sent to,! Year and 4 months OLD are responsible children in the bathtub for about 25 minutes shepherd mix while... Had cancer she died at 15 yrs OLD but healthy and happy last. Domestic dog, July 8, 2018 by Shannon Cutts 11 Comments to examine and to... A ball um nooo how about a German shepherd mix dogs while others purebred... Sexually dimorphic behavior our German shepherd PROTECTING 4 YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL FROM BAD GUY behavior personality! Exercise or training to feed meals behavior could be between 5 or years. Had cancer she died at 15 yrs OLD but healthy and happy until last week of life! Strongly with at least one and ( for female German shepherd PROTECTING 4 YEAR LITTLE... Pattern that is seen in the world tall as a horse lol ’! And this can lead to preventable incidents never had to do almost any task you put them. Here to turn on desktop notifications to get the News next chapter children in the male about a German.. ) the German shepherd Domestic dog, Hormonal modification of sexually dimorphic behavior in Florida normal... Incredibly strong work ethic with tremendous drive and focus while “ on the other hand, german shepherd protecting girl, are! Sáu ( 2 ) tháng sáu ( 2 ) tháng sáu ( 2 ) tháng sáu 2.