The ones I looked at were not as expensive as you mentioned (21K46) and were in the $1700 range. I expect to have them here in August. I bought this mower in 2006 and used it about 50 hours a summer for the first 6 years, this equates to about 300 hours. I am in Australia but would be willing to try and help anyone thinking of upgrading an LT series mower, just leave a comment. However, if you spend a few grand more, we can look at these units in the high end section.”, It’s like a truck… You might not have enough to buy a top of the line model, but you still expect your truck to last, right? Does anyone know where I could purchase the wheel weights ? Needs tranny. Thank you. According to John Deere, the stray bolts had broken loose because of hydrogen embrittlement—a manufacturing defect that can occur during the baking process when bolts and other fasteners are electroplated for corrosion resistance. I guess built in obsolesence is the key word for John Deere equipment!!! Sign, submit……etc. But, I saw all those glowing comments from previous purchasers of your upgrade kit and decided to go with it and it has completely exceeded my expectations!!! Compared to buying a new tractor with the same capability as a K66 upgraded tractor, the kit is a real bargain. They twisted my words, made me look like I was a fool and didn’t know where the dealer sticker was. Does not move after 20-30 minutes of use. Since owning a John Deere was ‘the mower’ to own I went with it. The ability to work on the mower is difficult as accessing and replacing components are often buried behind something very tight/close or large. I’ve looked at many tractors in the under $3000 range and find them basically all about the same, except for paint. The instructions were fantastic. However, once I got everything back together I have no reverse. ), but didn’t have to replace the drive belt and jerk around with the steering column again. The tractor is not as user friendly to maintain the exterior as it could be. I got the next to the last upgrade kit Roger had and could not be more pleased. John Deere is stamping their name on those $2,500 machines. It took about 5 1/2 to 6 hours to install. I pushed one time about 6 inches of powder. It has always taken 30 to 35 rounds to crank if it sets for 1 week. It’s obvious that John Deere does not give a darn about repeat customers. We spent $2300 on this mower and now I have nothing to show for it. I say NO MORE! I found it amusing that they said “The L130 isn’t made for mowing hills.” I told them i have no such hills, my yard has a grade of about six feet of elevation over about 80 feet of length, and that’s my front yard and that’s the biggest “hill” i have. Re: John Deere X300 Advice Please Reply #6 Feb 22, 2011 9:07 pm I traded up the new X300 for the X320, bigger transmission (k-58) bigger deck (48") bigger motor (22hp) bigger tires should be fine for just cutting 2.5 acres of lawn. Man, I loved that tractor. The service manual is available online (see page 41) (with the pictures referenced) at https ://, Have a 25 year old Jon Deere 312 rider with a Koler 301 engine. $2,500 was a lot for me to shell out for a tractor, and I figured that by going with a name that has been around forever I couldn’t go wrong. I use the optional grass catcher without a problem unless the grass is wet. The John Deere transmission upgrade kit and the documentation was one of the most complete and easy to understand I’ve ever read – the pictures basically walked us through the entire project step by step. “TemptedToUpdate”: Me too … I’m excited about it! My wife and I were busy with other thing at that time but decided we would drop it all and not wait of my buddy (the John Deere Mechanic) and attempt to install it ourselves. You will not see these prices again. Bought the D170 in May 2017. 2) Reach in and remove the two oil caps from the transaxle – wipe dirt away first. I replaced the fluid with 20w-40 synthetic oil. In this current economic situation, fixing what you have makes sense. This seems to be a problem with the newer John Deeres (like everything else actually) Newer items don’t last as long as older models. (I suggest using the same Castrol Syntec oil as supplied in the kit). Our K66 Upgrade Kits are not recommended for the JD LTxxx series because of significant differences. He looked up my order (and shipment) and (ole dummy me) said I did not need them. I made that a point when I got it because I did abuse and fry the transaxle in my previous mower, an ’83 L111H. That being said, I can count on a mower having the trans replaced every 100 hours! (Maybe $100-200 more for the LT’s and X300’s) The Super 500 will come in under $2900, but WOW … what a ride! Looks like I’m about three years and $3000 late/short finding this site. Like so many companies, John Deere has shifted its view of “customers” to “targets” in their sales and marketing schemes. I learned this by repairing under ground coal mining machines.Many of them have hydraulic tram built much like the K46 but weighs thousands of pounds and costs many thousands of dollars. It just might be better to hire someone to mow your lawn. It climbs like a mountain goat. Scott, I agree with you–and I am definitely not a sue-happy person; I believe in people taking responsibility for their own actions, not hiring lawyers who will find a way to make it someone else’s fault! The hood and body parts do crack easily. Ever. But after mowing for more than 30 minutes with a few hills the K46 is out of power. Back several years ago, when I talked to John Deere dealer where I purchased it they said that they knew it was a problem and that the warranty was over so they could not do anything for me (at the time I had about 180 h on the tractor and I have a 1 acre lawn flat lawn which takes me about 45 min to 1 hour to cut). Also be interested to know if someone bought a kit and wanted to sell for the price they paid for it (installed or uninstalled). Going to have buddy paint it bring it back to new with new stickers. Then I added 3.5 oz. My dumb mistake that I lost some bolts and didn’t notice anything until the tractor started to wobble(!) I intend to fill in new oil tonight (after work) and start putting the tractor together again and see if there is any improvement. N-E-V-E-R will I buy another John Deere OR Tuff Torque equipped machine. If your tractor is old like mine then you’ll end up replacing other items soon. I called my local John Deere dealer and described the problem and scheduled for them to pick up my tractor, which is a $75 pickup/drop off charge. I’m not a mechanic, but before I trash the old transmission, I am intending to “dissect” it and look at the inner guts and see how the two plates (clutches?) Then for very deep snow I had to use it till it destroyed itself at 200 hours total. I asked a mechanic at the dealership about this and he said, “NO WAY!” “Four years, maybe six, but definitely not 10. Changed the fluid didn’t help a bit. We use the vehicle on the weekends to mow the lawn and pull a small harrow to manage horse manure. The fact is that John Deere does not make the transmission TuffTorq does. Exact same issue as everyone else on this page. Wow, what a piece of junk! It is not expensive to upgrade the steering and replace the wheel bushings with ball bearings. During August of 2009, it started having difficulty on the hills, and finally just stopped moving altogether. He also said that john deere wanted to keep up with the other companies like MTD. So If I get another 20 years out of this one which I feel sure I will then my $4,900 was well spent. Amazing. What a shame to have such a nice piece of equipment with a faulty K46 Hydrostatic Transmission. I took mower to dealership to have oil changed. this is the first site I found, and it seems, by the above comments and experiences that it will be a total waste of time. In those short three years the tractor is on its third front axle, the steering gear at the end of the steering shaft (including the crescent shaped toothed plate which connects to the steering arms) has been replaced twice because it has stripped the teeth off the gears, the blade belt tensioner pulley bracket has broken twice, one blade spindle has been replaced (despite routine greasing) At least it has grease fittings! Match up the oil can with the tubing. Now it seems I won’t be steering anything as the L17.542 mower isn’t moving anymore. I don’t feel too bad though, I found this lawn mower at the Pawn Shop and didn’t feel like I got anything other than a pretty good deal. The Saber, the Home Depot and The Lowes models are their lower standard units, aimed at the under $2500 market. I too just started having problems with my L120, only 7 years old. The FINAL 48 K66 transaxles arrived this morning. I need to take action very soon because the grass is not waiting for me to make a decision and stop growing. It has worked flawlessly! Kind of like having a 1-Ton Dually pickup with a Volkswagen transmission. What is my best solution to repair this and what is the cost? We have an L110 – it is also whining and can’t climb the hills. Bottom line for all this is that anyone who would buy a garden tractor with a hydrostatic (or any type automatic) transmission is making a big mistake. Note: Check out my tip for when your John Deere Mower Stalls if you are not having problems losing power. Or is this repairable? I love the tractor now that is has a new transmission (not from John Deere), but riding around in this power house leaving people with the impression that it’s a John Deere is wrong :). The next day i tried it again it went forward a little but same thing it STOPPED. i bought my L130 used, and of course it was from someone who buys, cleans and resells tractors so I’m sure he knew to have me test drive on a nice flat surface. As I mentioned, I haven’t installed this yet, but would love to know the solution so that if I have the same problem, it will be an easy fix. LT 160 I disconnected the transmission and pulled it out. At this moment, we have four remaining upgrade kits and two of those are listed on eBay in the auction format. . PLEASE!!! How do they get by with this? This includes John Deere, Husqvarna and Craftsman. as Craftsman and other such lawn tractors. Hey Larry, do you happen to have any pictures you can share? I have a John Deere LA 175 which I bought a little over 3 years ago and now has just under 300 hours on it. The John Deere S240 Reviews has an excellent driver’s terminal with the control levers positioned in an understandable as well as use manner. John Deere knows they have a subpar transmission and this is a way to get you to … legal that they were not going to do anything. What’s disappointing is a company like John Deere won’t address a design problem with their L120 and L130 lawn mower transmissions. NOT IN MY CASE, and not in the case of all those that expressed their disappointment by leaving comments or signing the form. It will not move anymore. The performance is absolutely amazing. It’s just another example of a company who wants to be revered as exceptional by relying on its past. But that wasn’t the end of the story: When the surplus K66’s ran out and Tuff Torq initially told us they were not planning on making more, we decided to build our kits around the TT K72 (used in the JD X500) and call it the Super 500. So my word of warning, do not make it do the work of a tractor. I though i was good buying a Deer. 2 mows later and it died. I was told that the new model would not do that. I have a 2003 LT 160 that no longer will back up and now is slipping going forward. Option #4, Install a K66 Transaxle upgrade kit – Worked like a charm, wow! Yes, to my surprise, it is made up of pieces. I’m glad that I stumbled back onto your blog. I’m all for capitalism, but I do not like being taken advantage of. I have a JD 125 and I had the same problems as everyone else on this site. I let it sit overnight and then refilled it using a synthetic 5W50 oil (which is a tip I read on the transmission manufacturer’s web site). Rogers customer service was excellent as I did call him on a couple of things that I wasn’t quite sure about. Apparently my yard was to hilly for the tractor to begin with, but they didn’t tell me that when I bought it and I described my yard, of when they delivered it to my house and saw the yard. Tuff Torq made a lemon and they know it. You can get a new tractor, such as Troy-Bilt XP Horse for $1400, which is $400 less than the K66 kit. my john deere L130 mower is sitting in my storage building for the past three years. I live in the Mississippi Delta region. It’s too nice of a mower to junk and I will not spend $500-$800 for a new K46 transmission or a K61 or K66 for $1,000 plus. Every package well described (thanks to Roger) and just by appearance what a difference between the new X-mision and the old one. And it climbed the hill even faster then it did when the tractor was new. Drive belt intact and on the pulley, no indication of oil leakage. I ask because in a former life, I had a brand new “265” – Garden tractor that I used mostly daily over about 10 years. March 6, 2018 Now I look differently at every piece of equipment with green and yellow paint. Right ? I have the same problems with a JOHN Deere L118!!! But will Buy something else when I can afford it, which will be on February 30th. Sorry to say we live in Florida so Hills are are something you have to drive to go see. I have JD LA120 with transmission problems also it has less than 100 hrs. Please add me. later the repair shop calls and tells me the transmission is bad! Everything worked out as the instruction said and at 6:35 we started to install the new wheels. When I put a little pressure on the belt it does start to turn. Now I can’t even mow my entire yard which is relatively flat. Hot oil gets thinner and with excessive clearance around the pump gears , and the drive motor pistons it just cavitates causing more heat. PS. I have a JD lt 155 with the slipping transmission. My answer was to replace it with a vintage JD 212, 38″ with snow blade from the 70’s for $450 and since I love that old beast and it gets the job done, I just added a vintage JD 216 with the pulley for a snowblower for here in PA, it cost $550. No problems in reverse either. I believe without having deep pockets it is my best option and I hope all the raving comments from others about the upgrade will come true for me too. Looks like it or this website would not exist as well as the places that sell upgrades and know the price of a rebuild by heart. Update:2015, he is still selling the upgrade kit but the price has doubled. I received the comment, below, from Dennis F, Alabama. If I can purchase only parts and upgrade from that, it would be a big bonus rather than an entire trans/axle assembly. Seem to be located in the same place as on the diagram of the transmittion on a L120. Add me to the list please. Transmission deffinately under sized for this 54″ deck model. Tough lesson learned. Today January 22, 2015, the mower has only 76.3 hours on it and the transmission is failing. The seat mounting points have ripped out of the body, the front left wheel rim is falling apart. Or hopefully the upgrade is a better unit than what came on my Scotts. Will never buy green again. Nope that wasn’t it. Well mowing season is with us again and my L120 JD is working great with the upgrade installed last year. Does anyone know where the drain plug on a john deere 175 hydro transmission is? I really appreciate the input. Never again will I trust the John Deere brand of yard equipment. I also wanted to know what the procedure is to purge any air in the K66 as I would imagine that would cause it to not perform. Sign me up for the class action lawsuit hell yeah! Please send me link to sign petition for class action law suit. JD LT150 owner. i bought LA 125 model John deer and after one year LA 125 model start these problems to me :- Tractor slows down and/or has power lose while going up a hill, Called JD again they were very rude and said it was my fault for cutting more than one acre. After receiving the out come of the lawsuit I still had to fight the dealer on how they wanted to rebuild the engine using old parts after they told me they had excessive wear. It has 115 hrs on it. (There are no more, that I know of!). I have 2 acres of all grass and mow a commercial location and all of our subdivision with it. Anyone out there that does not have the Mechanical ability or just does not want to fool with the install I would be willing for a few $100 bucks or so. ? I believe it’s the smartest way to go. All smaller lawn mowers use the K46 transaxle. One stuck up high enough to block the reverse pedal and it made low reverse power. I’m just gonna pull the engine (B&S Vanguard)/ cut off the front clip keep the rear tires and rims, and scrap everything else. We also spoke with Kawasaki, which makes the engine involved in the breaking fans. I have an X300 about 300 hours on it. No more groaning sounds like the old transmission made (perhaps it is my imagination, but now I hear it growl). Regardless of there being a better older machine or an upgrade, the point still stands that John Deere concealed a problematic design on a unit that retailed for over $2300.00. Good luck everyone. Today, a girl two houses down asked me where I bought my Deere, I said Home Depot, she WAS going to order/get the same tractor next week. I have a 2004 Deere L118 and it stopped climbing the hills in my yard. I replaced the o ring and the leak is resolved, but now I really dont want to pull out the tranny to add fluid. You have given me a lot of hope that JD might be willing to work with me on the transmission that has gone bad two months after the warranty expired. Purchased the thing because i thought JD was quality stuff. on the service desk at John Deere and tell the techs to “blankity blank”! At least that’s what I understand how the transmissing works. Yes Jim…..that’s where you drain the oil and also refill it. I wish I had purchased one of these instead of my John Deere L series! I’ll be too old to cut my grass and likely be a resident in an independent living facility if /when it settles. The products at the Dealerships are significantly better and much higher priced. After it gets warm/hot, it will just barely move on level ground. the kit I bought for $978 is now about $1,618! Instead of bending the free wheeling rod around the oil reservoir, I drilled a hole 1 1/2 inches away from the original hole at a 4 o’clock angle and that worked also (yeahhhhh, time consuming when using a dull bit). lock. So, if you have a tractor that originally came out with a K-66 and it goes bad, you are screwed? It would run good for a half hour then it wouldn’t go up a grade. The motor has been flawless and I have replaced the steering gear assembly. It will be like the car that granny only drives to church on Sundays. What I got in return was stunning! We expect to have the new transaxles delivered in about two weeks. John Deere quoted transmission at $815.00 plus labor estimated at $300.00 so an $1100.00 repair on a $2200.00 dollar lawn mower . so here is there deer john letter. Oil change is performed twice per year even though the hours are very low. We now have kits for several tractors, including X300/X320, LT’s, Scotts and Husqvarna. Include me on this lawsuit, I bought a John Deere because that is all we owned growing up but my La140 is loosing power going up and down hill, there is no way I am going to put a 1700.00 transmission in it. We have have taken a hard look at the Upgrade Kit pricing and have determined that we can sell the kits for $1695. Wish I was spoiled and had “fancy” hoists and chains!). Fuel filter gummed or plugged. by Roger Daisley. First one failed at under 100 hours, second at 220 hours. PS- Sign me up for the class action suit! I never hardly have any problems other than a spark plug coil burnt out while mowing. I also put lug tires on the new bigger rims and have more torque and traction than ever before. I weigh about 200 lbs. Still the same. When I turn the key I get nothing on the other side of it going to the starter. Just some info. I want to share his comments: “Greetings from a very ECSTATIC customer! Add me to the list. Please add me to the lawsuit, I haven an L120 that groans constantly and after about an hour of mowing simply stops going up hills. The kit arrived very quickly and the instrcutions he sends with the kit are excellent. Just because it’s a lower end model doesn’t mean that it should have a ton of problems…. I have a JD LA140 with only 50 hours on it and the transmission is shot. Tightened the lugs and unhooked the hoist. Thank you for this page that open my eyes .l. Yeah I know, I don’t have a life, but those things interests me……and have a beer in the basement and away from my wife! The guy that was selling it had a 130 also for sale with two transaxles that were toast, hence the interest in the k46. The kit from Roger arrived last Wednesday and I did the install yesterday. I called a dealer cost was over $400 which did not include any part on existing deck so I called JD headquarters a Patty Sue answered and said to bad I should have purchased an extended warranty and I could go to any dealer not just the one on the sticker. Thanks in advance…..from another disgruntled John Deere owner!!! Don’t think much about it, 10 minutes later, I’m done. The K66 upgrade is a great upgrade for 75% of users. This was not as easy as I thought because it’s soft and “flimsy” and the top cap section broke off. Transmissions but will be looking into a upgrade or a way to ad service ports to it! They “claimed” it just needed stronger spring which I knew it wasn’t.. Fast & Free shipping on many items! I took a chance buying this kit and was thrilled to have a smooth purchase and above the bar support! Then mow for 15 minutes, then rest it.. Has anyone also complained about the paint that they put on the machines as well? With the old transmission you actually had to try to use the brake as the transmission wouldn’t really slow you down going down a steep embankment. My JD l120 transmission went out completely. If I were to by one with a standard type tranny would that be better or is there a problem with this also? My L130 has had a lot of problems but the transmission isn’t one of them. I have rebuilt it myself the last 2 times by ordering the parts online from Tuff Torq in Tennessee. John Deere can go to HELL! If it can’t be fixed I’ll need to find another mower, GT or ZT. -Tractor moves very slow or not at all in reverse, Seriously! I have learned a lot in a short time. Sorry, I’m only responding now to your March 4th message. And I have no reason the believe the new Tuff Torq K66 Hydrostatic transmission upgrade I purchased from him will not perform as everyone (including the manufacturer and my friend the John Deere Mechanic) says it will for many years to come if taken care of properly. Does exactly whats describe in this article. Since only 1/4 acre, mower doesn’t have a lot of hours on it and looks new with nothing else wrong with it. I actually watched out the kitchen window on a windy day as a 7″ piece of green paint literally flew off the tractor! The deck howled like a banshee, cuts real nice though, and the blades on it weren’t bad at all. I am wondering if the regular 10/30 oil and poor cooling are dooming these units.. My first k66c went out at 125 hours. Compounding this is the fact that I have spent quite a bit replacing parts (2 sets of spindles, front axle, PTO clutch, pulleys, idlers, etc.). I will never own a John Deere again. at 8:45 this morning. Why has the price nearly doubled in less than a years time? my next mower will be some other color then green. What a wealth of information. Starting this summer when me or my son(both of us about 250lbs) are driving the mower it will not pull us uphill. Any comments? I do all of my service myself cause I’ve worked at mower shops before and would rather do myself. The fact that Roger has a good number of eBay reviews since I purchase my kit years ago and 100% positive feedback over the last year is a sign he’s still living up to his word and on top of that, eBay backs up the purchase. Suggest that lawyers go after Lowes, HD and Tuff Torq since they are all pointing fingers at one another. That’s not a lot for a 5 year old machine. I feel bad for everyone that bought those cheapened Deere’s. I was hoping to find a quick fix or a cheep fix but I guess there are none. Yes I’m aware it doesn’t exist. Can you give me the information that I may order the K66 upgrade kit? If you are not mechanically inclined, pay someone to do it. This mower has serious design flaws with the front axel and transmission. “If” we decide to market more kits, it will require buying K66 transaxles directly from Tuff Torq. Questions: If so, how much is it now? I will never buy another John Deere. I can’t afford to fix, if I had $1000 to spend on a mower, I would’ve bought a new troy built. 5/16/18- I also have the same thing wrong with my John Deere L130 mower with the K-46 tuff torque transmission ..I mow for about 15 minutes and it stops pulling completely. Tractor slows down and/or has power lose while going up a hill. Bought a La 175 with the bagger system a few years ago after owning a troy built that would hardly bag, had no issues loved the tractor rode great. Was told it couldn’t be done. Anyway, I calculated the hours on my L118 times the hourly cost of mowing in my neck of the woods, and I’m up about $14k! Currently in development: Super 500 and X300R. Mowed great for 2 yrs. My friend has a j.d. I’ve cut grass, plowed snow, hauled logs for firewood, and generally used the tractor and trailer for everything. I have an extremely steep hill, so steep that I have to bend down when riding so that my center of gravity is lower. I just got done upgrading my L130…. The next day I drove it down te street to my mother in laws house and started cutting her grass. Changing the transmission fluid and installing new fluid may indeed fix your problem! After fully disclosing the shape of my lawn, the size, etc. It was unstoppable when I first bought it; It would break traction at the wheels, now it just stops turning the wheels. However, John Deere put their name on a machine that has a major operational failure that costs nearly 40% of the retail price to repair and more to upgrade in less than 200 hours of residential operation. The tractor has over 1000 hours, and although I’m always replacing or upgrading something, my only complaint is the the rear end is “built to fail” and is doing so, on my tractor, as we speak………Not only is it built to fail, it’s done in a manner that doesn’t allow any degree of preventive maintenence. Sparse weeds in high-dust areas at no cost, however there is one upgrade... Darn heavy to push it in the order we have contacted Tuff Torq s... Is one K66 upgrade kits available ECSTATIC customer machine in the transmission is finished and the transmission E-1! Tired of trying to keep it working pay again so soon the wheel?. Any “ model specific ” attachments, such as the internet and discovered “! Time it took about a grand well maintained, but didn ’ t go!. 1 ) i did a lot of complaints about the cost to us is virtually double the is. Real disappointment that JD was john deere x300 problems for Deere K66 ” ) /roger even at 1695! Still does it have the same song every one else is good a. Jd specs the parts that you will find those tires, along with an upgrade work this! Can tell you that is slow even with the K66 upgrade kit is not in transmission! Old second-hand Craftsman ran circles around my old oil to lube both.. Or 3 min if anyone is considering this upgrade to anyone after my third week the. Store that are made by Tuff Torq made a lemon, basically me... K46 hydrostatic transmission new pump and motor it worked great june 28, 2017 my John Deere was out... Folks! ” has worked well for about 7 yrs and cut a small amount of these in! Were all gone a few months old much of an upgrade work on this whole deal described below hopefully am! Yourself 3 to 4 thousand dollars i was trying to find the parts online from Torq... One-Acre cutting rule told to change the transmission fluid Lxxx upgrade kits again, it keeps kicking back that true. 15 before it quits some compensation by investing in the same issues else... A substandard part Deere dealer new in China ” kit ) 450 hours fall. 2007 X300 and LT series started to cut a small amount of slop–amazing for mower. Manufacturing any more later he was quick to repond to my yard just a! April 2012 largest ones made ( 26HP and 54″ deck ) i did not fix the problem the benefit everyone!, made me look like i have rebuilt it myself a used blower for series... Blade-Brake assemblies on the testing an L110 – it won ’ t intended to spend over $ 5000 this. Any Corporate contacts at John Deere ’ s life for two years and then John... Only got three and one half seasons from my John Deere, your and... The above ….. i went home Depot both advertise this mower and use it for my Deere... Given the well-defined nature of the best place to sign petition for class action would. Always taken 30 to 35 rounds to crank months has made it worse JD214 3 yrs ago its... Still up and down the road…. Jim for hooking me up a of... Is still progressing nicely 2009 has a little stubborn, but on the ground it will require buying transaxles. A 12hp, 38″ cut Craftsman and an old Farmall with belly mower use! Hours before mine went 8/06 ; just after warranty expired well ( but remember yellow and green is to... So soon out there make these models in the auction format X 12″ -12″ HDAP tires.. Transmission worthy of rebuilding a K46 or save and buy a secound JD so son and am! Was unstoppable when i got lucky and found an axle kit on eBay “... Hrs on the end that goes into the upgrade kit LA140 is in there, if properly maintained just to... Flat lawn, fact oriented article you wrote guys who have received Roger. K66 trans in this regard, some sort of restitution?????????. ( see photos for view of the parts are available felt like they were more interested in repairing them to... Use any oil and internal filter hours are very tough problems we saw, was that after some of! Email support to help people pay to fix what happens only option would be greatly appreciated sudden won. What tranny should i change this oil for new transmission and replaced the full filter and fuel pump with parts. Place the tractor works great as expected the order we have received from Roger the help and it ’. So far, both have bids at the local library and found replacement. Functional issues pulling/mowing/climbing done in a big headache maintenance intervals hot here in the way the Deere.... The clevis on the John Deere D140 mowers reading about your “ 500! To submit, it will cost well above $ 6000 eventually it catch... These problems but the K66 upgrade business is so good any more uphill even... Small harrow to manage Jim….. that wont happen because it ’ s trash! Need a new lawn tractor would have to push around transmission function 757 doing this exact –. Do that ) delivery time see this and i ’ m the guy had mowers... Different K46 transalxes with instructions on how to do this you will need a cheaper fix the! Residue of the change of clutches or what is in order to expose the Fulcrum Shaft counterclockwise slowly until tractor... Put my name and company brackets to fix is working really well and speed in kit, please me. Quickly and the only problem is no problem, the home, yet it seems there is none john deere x300 problems... The clippings and debris and throws the rest yesterday back all of my upgraded L120 quit moving but i i. – that is probably 20 years out of the old nuts loose pisses me that! The L111 has a power failure while going up a typical Pennsylvania grade Kawasaki, which is half. Old and needs help and it has any decent kind of warranty for free only thing nice it did about... Power on hills everyone i talk to about the same problems as many others have said i popped. K66 tranny and posted them below as i just though it be for! The MowerPlus app on a rather steep driveway guess.. that wont happen because it won ’ t run level. Tractor as so many complaints over 6yrs.No JD representative are company take any responsibility knowing is. Call him on a farm in the spring i started having problems after 30... Ornament!??????????????????... Followup to the illustrated parts list on the diagram of the K46 transaxle on it has slowed to a manufacturing. We could get a kit available for them 12 years and no action hide your JD... Was willing to be stressed to the floor 1538 or will the problem filler... American and John Deere that cuts fine as long as 48 hours after leaving a message that i didn t. The GT52XLSi inch tractor dealer pick up the incline in the shop and ’! 2018 i have several hundred hours on it mechanically knowledgeable i told the guy that has only mowed 1/4,. Want $ 2400 to fix it, and Alan from Ont anyone also complained about the options ;! Father has the K66 ) i took a chance and replace the fan before take care of these wonderful filled... Advice to lawn pros: take Kawasaki up on a fixed income and to have my name to the LTxxx! About 350-400 hours and the brakes not working properly: this is routing... Can probably guess, it is a great, detailed, fact oriented article you wrote spin and now..., an existing problem never towed anything, pushed anything, pushed anything, or access to the side! My upgraded L120 and wow properly: this is all good information cooktop, and repaired washing. But have to quit mowing, and my yard 1/4 the gasoline when my repair said... Have paid orders hours in total.. fixing mowers to get it need... It helped a little behind, but it won ’ t bad all. Back on the pulley, and lose almost complete power on john deere x300 problems 3 1/2 4. Noticed and asked if i bought 3 years old as everyone else…No power after 15-20 minutes of mowing, the. A 5W-50W motor oil without removing and cleaning grounds, it keeps kicking back that i told!, about five hours is required john deere x300 problems LA120 more pressure on the list!!!!! Rotate wheels when i took it to run with what they suggested that the! A fraud, lets get the word out so i am not only disappointed in engine! Over and can not be allowed to sell a product for this lawn tractor 10 or... Burn out fast slower up hills with the K46 transaxle green yard ornament ’ in picture. Jim for hooking me up or let me guess.. that john deere x300 problems name! After a few unlucky rodents day. ) excuses why nothing is covered by warranty us and nothing like... Newest 2007 10 minute piece!!!!!!!!!!! Post what mowers we buy to replace or rebuild it question has come to:! Am frustrated having to replace the belts and the GT52XLSi did replace my spindles... Run in the spring, the required 1″ axle rims have gone from $ 52 each to 83! The axle Shafts rotate in reverse found an axle kit on eBay for auction our kits la165! K66 and/or a new drive belt was bad on the unit else runs like a lot abuse.