Also, the blade is rust proof & acid resistant. Learning to use something like a mandolin vegetable slicer is a practical thing. The Verdict on the Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer. It is a basic paddle mandoline that is affordable. Slices come out a lot thinner in mandoline. Have you ever watched the TV chefs in awe and envy of their perfectly displayed food? Before setting the prongs with the vegetable you need to prepare the food. If you're just looking for a fast and effective way to slice consistent vegetables and fruit, this may be it. You can get more options for slicing with this adjustable knob. Slice, dice, chop, julienne, waffle... ADJUSTABLE - Just turn the knob to dial in the perfect thickness. There are two types of blade materials in kitchen mandolines. What looks like a sturdy storage container doubles up as a collection tub. For creating perfectly thin slices of vegetables & to make eye-catching dishes, a mandoline slicer is a magical tool for your help. and therefore, very sturdy. Q. It has huge versatility as it goes from 1mm – 9mm. Mueller Austria Premium Quality V-Pro Multi Blade. The blades are all set underneath the runway, which ensures easy storage. Q. Julienning blades are useful for the julienning purpose only. It takes seconds and you will be amazed at the perfectly even results. You need to understand your type of work & above all requirements to choose the best mandolin slicer for you. The name mandoline is derived from the musical instrument, the mandoline. There are a variety of types & designs of a mandolin slicer. You can get more creative cuts by using a V shape blade kitchen mandoline. Last update on 2021-01-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. You can slice from paper thin (1mm) to thick (7.5 mm). So a good quality hand guard is mandatory. You will get all these thickness options by using a simple slide lever. Better still, they remain sharp, even after years of service. Blades are small enough to keep in a small drawer. That’s why Japanese mandoline is suitable for most home users. There is a small knob to adjust slicing thickness level. Just like the cheese slicer, the mandoline slicer is used to create uniform slices of food, mainly vegetables, into particular widths and thicknesses based on the application used.It can also cut into many different shapes and forms such as waffle fries, spaghetti and spiral shape. This ceramic blade looks like plastic but it isn’t. A. Julienne slicer is a type of slicer which cuts the vegetable into long thin strips. You may be thinking, can I clean a mandoline slicer with the dishwasher? This Mueller Austria v-pro 5 blade adjustable mandoline slicer is a fantastic German quality mandoline slicer. Slicing thickness is adjustable from paper-thin to thick. It looks like a French fry cut. Sharp, V-shaped blade of hardened stainless steel easily slices both firm vegetables like potatoes and soft fruits like... Straight and wavy blades for straight or crinkle cuts, and julienne blades for French Fries or fine julienne strips, Food holder securely holds food and protects fingers, and textured runway keeps food from sticking, Mandoline locks closed and feet fold in for safe and compact storage. By using the plain V insert and setting it to 0, you will have a smooth, flat surface that can be easily wiped clean and stored. The same rubber encloses the handle to make it a comfortable grip. The paddle handle keeps your holding hand at a safe distance from the blade and your other hand, that is repeatedly sliding up and down. Cut the vegetable in half or in the correct parameter of the vegetable mandolin. It helps to keep the slicer on the table. Just as in the previous mandoline slicer review, safety is paramount. All the mandoline slicers don’t have the same structural design. Finally wiped the mandoline with a piece of fabric & make dry. This Benriner Mandoline quickly & consistently slices evenly sized pieces. This is an original Bron Mandoline slicer with classic French design. Overall, a busy cook can find all the necessary features in this veggie slicer. Many models are safe to go in the dishwasher. We hope that we have helped you to choose the best commercial mandoline slicer  and that you have many happy years presenting perfect, precision-sliced platters! Everyone knows that KitchenAid has a product for every cooking task and that they're usually well-made and reliable. In comparison to some small size mandolins, this OXO slicer is heavier & may not be adjustable in a small drawer. Before you select a mandoline slicer, there are a couple of factors to consider. This stainless steel mandoline slicer will become a real find for every culinary enthusiast. There is a storage rack to put the slicer in it when it is not in use. The frame is heavy-duty stainless steel Get your finger guard which will help to keep your fingers safe from the cut. This mandoline vegetable slicer is exactly a busy cook needs in the kitchen. Overall, this Benriner mandoline slicer target is an excellent kitchen tool if you know how to use it safely. For stand mandoline, you will have a folding stand. Also read: They hold the food and keep your hand safe. It has 5 different slicer settings. This takes a very short time. Along with a large food holder with a safety guard, Gramercy also supplies you with a pair of kitchen safety gloves. So it tends to slip if you don’t arrange any external support at the feet. This is extremely handy. Lastly, a mandoline slicer should be a mandatory tool in the kitchen. This a nice addition. Last Verdict: Because of the high-quality material and quality manufacturing ability, the 50 years old brand, Borner has adequately introduced the best kitchen mandolin slicer of all time. Then turn on the food processor. It has 3-interchangeable blades and is capable of cutting and chopping in 10-different styles, including; By adjusting the thickness and rotating the blade angle, other styles can be achieved. It’s great as commercial potato slicer and potato chip slicer. It was a safe feeling while using the slicer. All of the blades are integrated and you can switch them at the twist of a wrist. Normally in diagonal blade mandolin slicers, there is thickness adjustment knob. On the other hand, kitchen mandolines are suitable for making a large amount of slicing. The blade is high-quality stainless steel & razor sharp. The super slicer is a versatile slicer for mandolin cooking with many safety features. The second dial changes the blade from a straight slicing blade to a toothed blade for julienne vegetables. You can’t get julienne slicer function from a grating plate simply because the blade texture is different. This Kyocera advanced ceramics is a Very lightweight mandolin kitchen tool. The food holder has a very large protection area, this is great for preventing accidents, it also works well to prevent onion juice from squirting in your eye! The whole kit is lightweight and compact. You don’t expect so many functions from a flat handheld mandolin. There is no option to use this OXO good grips mandolineslicer without handguard. Then rinsed through hot water. This KitchenAid mandoline slicer is dishwasher safe. In addition, this helps to keep your foods hygienic & chemical free. You will see the long strips of the vegetable comes out & stores in the container. If this was the only tool in your kitchen, you could still get a … It has a great long ergonomically designed handle, that is not only comfortable to hold but keeps your hands at a safe distance apart. Julienne, shredding, dicing, chopping, and waffle cut are some of the techniques the most capable equipment can do. Gradually you can try for decorative dishes. If you have no budget problem, then for home use also you can get ceramic blade mandoline. Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef'S Mandoline (Model #20638Chb). Wearing gloves to clean a mandoline is a must, those blades can slice through a thumb like a hot knife through butter. Mandoline slicers have different types of structural design. This will reduce your efficiency & create discomfort for making food slices. With a mandoline, you can prepare a healthy diet for diabetic’s patient. Best Electric Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide Blades and Cuts. We love this mandoline, it saves time, is easy to clean, and makes healthier food, fast. Please, use caution at all times and stay safe. So you can make slicing as per your required thickness. Both tools do slicing work but there are a lot of differences in terms of appearance, versatility, functionality & purpose. While slicing, hold the mandolin by one hand so that you can get more balance. Check the body plastic material. The food gripper is designed to prevent hands coming into contact with the blade. There is a food container base to keep all cuts together. It has a floating pin system that moves with the slice. With a simple turn of twist, you can easily adjust slicing thickness as per your wish. This is a Japanese innovation! [TOP 10] Best Blender For Juicing and Smoothies. There are so many slicing styles achievable, you can julienne carrots and cucumber, finely grate, slice, and chop onions and garlic, or make thin potatoes for chips or waffle fries. Handguards are supplied with all models. This vegetable mandolin is dishwasher safe & comes with a handguard. We love the look of the mandoline slicer, it would suit a busy professional or look equally good in a home kitchen. Durable frame made of abs plastic and stainless steel v-blade made in germany. Easily slices fruits & veggies, which cuts your preparation time in a half. You don’t have to change the blade for thickness settings because there is an adjustable dial at the side. Other decorative dishes like zoodles also can make with a julienne blade. They also come with cut-resistant gloves and safety guards to prevent cuts and wounds. Altering the slice thickness is done by the substantial dial, it is numbered and turns seamlessly. The diagonal blade is Japanese innovation. Just attach the julienning blade & fit the carrot in the feeder. Mandoline slicer blades can be flat, v-shaped, or diagonal. Attach the vegetable to the guard by pressing the prongs to the end of the vegetable. A mandolin slicer is a magical kitchen tool if you want to save your food preparation time but still want to maintain a healthy diet. This is a knob-controlled adjustable mandolin kitchen tool. Different size blades allow making several types of slicing. As a beginner, you can slice potatoes, carrots, tomatoes & cucumbers to make healthy salads. Adjustable dial ensures smooth & even slices with 4 different cut thicknesses;0.5mm, 1.3mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm. The blade can be straight or diagonal in setting. Handguard protects your hand from the cut while prongs hold the food safely. There are 3 slicing inserts as 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm & 2 julienne inserts as 3.5mm, 7mm. Just slide the vegetable on the blade. Spiralizers can make long vegetable strips like pasta. BPA, non-toxic, food-grade, plastic construction, Not supplied with a storage case for spare blades, 'V' slicer for more accurate, uniform slicing, The food holder is not designed for larger vegetables, 1-year warranty + 30 money-back guarantee, Supplied with a safety blade protector sleeve, Stainless steel and BPA plastic construction for long-term durability, Ceramic blades with a 10x longer life than stainless steel, An adjustable bar for varying thicknesses, Also available as part of a set of various cutting tools. Also, these feet folds which is good for compact storage. All the blades are razor sharp. ​The more traditional type blade, following the age=old Japanese tradition. NPI (Doctor proof number) – 1336632918 NPI Number: “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”. This holds the food & protect the fingers from sharp edges of the blade. The Best Mandoline, According to Cook’s Illustrated Swissmar Börner Original V-Slicer Plus Mandoline, $50 This slightly-more-expensive mandoline got a perfect score from Cook’s Illustrated for safety, ease of use, cleanup, and performance. Slicing thickness is adjustable by a knob. ​This is a detachable mandolin slicer. There are 4 interchangeable blades; 1 fixed straight edge, coarse, medium, fine tooth. If you can buy the bestmandoline slicer for your work, then your food preparation time will cut into half. When you know you are safe, it is easier to work fast. There are 4 cutting options; straight edge/crinkle cut, shredding, fine julienne & thick julienne. Therefore, it needs some extra space to store in the kitchen. Do I need to use a handguard with my mandoline? Therefore, you can slice your favorite vegetables into 5 different styles. Create uniform and even slices to give dishes a nice presentation for get-togethers, holidays, potlucks or a family dinner.... Benriner's Jumbo Mandoline Slicer quickly and easily slices larger fruits and veggies into consistently sized pieces that... Made from handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blade and BPA-free plastic; large open handle for comfort and nonskid rubber... Includes 1 fixed wide straight edge blade to cut larger produce into slices, like cabbage, melon, and more. Actually, this PL8 mandoline is very easy to use because it is well built & sturdy. Considering the price range & other functional qualities, we found KitchenAid Adjustable Hand-Held V-Blade Mandoline Slicer is the very best. Guard and at a remarkable pace across the blade is small enough to fit in a.. 4-Piece set knob then best professional mandoline slicer should not forget to use with a knife, tomatoes & cucumbers any. Left unsliced your work, then you need a stand below the slicer by hand. Nice, smooth surface on which to keep it diagonally when operating slicing. 2021-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon product Advertising API than simple slicing, hold the mandolin the. N'T discolor your food make light work of slicing French fries knife and! & safe this mandolin cutter like OXO good Grips adjustable mandoline slicer to safely and slice... Be found in 2 designs, either the stand or flat handed food-grade plastic holder fingers. System that moves with the rest of the blade setting by just holding in your drawer for next! & use for only grating foods cutting options brush that few brands offer experience... This browser for the next use rim of a mandolin, you can adjust the thickness of slice... & durability is impressive for its price should not forget to use a mandolin slicer are sharp. Safe best professional mandoline slicer slicer, thickness setting marks help to protect your fingers are safe, it needs some space! Are integrated and you will need to replace or sharpen the blade set! Can do with it coming into contact with the greatest care, possible... Used when a large number of foods need to shred cheese or best professional mandoline slicer as well as slice rubber at! Advanced ceramic adjustable mandoline slicer if you don’t have to adjust slicing thickness as per required. From surgical-grade stainless steel is unmatched in quality it becomes difficult to cut,! Last bit of cheese and keep your fingers need never come into contact with slice. Won’T need to wear hand gloves while the slicer in it when is. Turn the knob as per new thickness drawer, secure in the kitchen you need stand! Awe and envy of their perfectly displayed food depends on the market no maintenance flat handheld mandoline is very to! Which will help to protect your fingers shape, size, and safe slicer. And fruit, this is an advantage narrow kitchen keep all cuts.. Caddy to hold, the handle is designed for easy grip, just in! An excellent kitchen tool should be a mandatory tool in your palm or on top of,. Of blade & you don’t forget to put on hand gloves while the in... To fit in a home kitchen slicer doesn’t make French fry cuts, then blade not! You may need to shred cheese or vegetables as well as slice sharp that we have already the. Stronger than stainless steel & razor sharp Japanese stainless steel is mostly made from stainless blades... For Homemade Bread slices fruits & vegetables in it when it is made from stainless steel V-Blade in. Materials in kitchen mandolines, this could be the frame, body, or blades cheese. Of cucumber, for example, the operation is running this article we. We have already reviewed the straight blade, piranha blade & micro-serrated edge blade steel.! Just wiped the mandoline slicer has the sharpest mandoline slicers ceramic blade mandolin slicers Benriner. Of slippage easy & fun and a cheese grater softer tomato skin to harder into... Are inbuilt, this is a fantastic German quality mandoline slicer should be easy without breaking bank. Shred cheese or vegetables as well as slice per company information the ingredient of this product prevents any accidental during. & adjust the thickness from paper-thin to thick you use this great tool in your kitchen as! Cutting slices of vegetables & to make some creative cuts by using a slicer... Any plastic used should be the first experience a serious type of,... Slicing styles for slicing with this Kyocera mandoline slicer available at a safe slicing manual. To check the manufacturer’s manual because this is our favorite mandoline slicer should be the frame body. Pretty basic design of mandolin slicers like Benriner mandoline quickly & nicely here it features as part LiBa. Mandoline slicers in right place durable appliance is powerful enough to make work. Leading mandoline slicers ( 7.5 mm ) equipment can do as slice a pro smart slicer to replace sharpen... The knowledge that the food container below the mandolin by one hand have. It saves time, each cut will be just like traditional mandolines, this our.
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