Thank you! If you’re following a pattern that assumes you will have the entire precut, don’t do it. Tell me it will be OK. A number of members had did it and were happy with the result. The top layer is regular quilting cotton with a double layer of flannel below. A big reason we quilt stitches close together is so the batting doesn’t travel. Your email address will not be published. Your information about handling and sewing with flannel are very interesting. Big box stories like and Joanne are notorious for doing this. I just made a T-shirt quilt for my granddaughter’s graduation present. I hate distorted plaid! Chances are once you come back to it a few days later, you won’t see the same “imperfections” you are seeing now. Heat from the washer and drying are going to be the culprits of major shrinking. This product features a layer of 100% cotton batting and 100% cotton flannel - stitched together into one product. so what tips do you have for using flannel (2 layers) for batting of a baby quilt. This bucket list item is happening. xo. Your email address will not be published. Cut, Stacked & Ready to Sew With No Batting Necessary Save Time! Fluff drying or hang drying would prevent a lot of the shrinking too. I’m ready to do the binding. Trust me this quilt is anything but cheap, to me anyways. Oops. She wanted it soft and snuggly, so I did things a little different than I usually do for a T-shirt quilt. I am quilting a baby quilt using a precut 5″ flannel charm pack. The issue with using flannel rather than batting is that flannel is made up of threads woven together – so the needle and thread need to push their way between those threads. .say it aint so??!! I cut pieces about 10×10 cm and wash them all together. I’m using some cheaper flannel to back my quilt but I’m having problems machine quilting it. I think at this point the best thing you can do is mend any areas that have fully pulled apart and then switch to hand washing the quilt rather than machine washing it. Check out my post on prewashing fabric for more on that –, Pingback: Should You Prewash Fabric Before Quilting? I planned 9 rows, each row with 8 squares. Tie or machine quilt.this is a good tutorial If you’d like to tie the quilt, . You probably will have more luck hand quilting. It is adorable, but I have been a little worried about some info I got at the quilt store I purchased the fabric from. It requires “”man-handling”, even though I have a “Supreme Slider” on the bed of my sewing machine. Birdie Bird Batting is a revolutionary new product that is going to change the way you quilt! It is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics, most often used in quilt making. The shrinking is a big problem. VERY NICE quilt Peggy !!! Great questions! (I hate playing blanket tug of war with my hubby and two dogs, and the thing kind of just kept growing.) I’m trying to whip up a quick (fingers crossed) wholecloth baby quilt for a dear friend: flannel front, flannel backing, flannel binding… Is this a terrible idea? It was a simple 9-patch made from Bonnie Sullivan's Woolies line, which I loved. Flannel sheets make the softest quilt backings. To make this a super easy rag quilt, there is no batting between the layers of flannel. I would recommend prewashing, though. Some quilters prefer natural fibers because they are lightweight and soft. I suggest cutting them selvage to selvage. Thanks for all the info…really helped. Then put the finished quilt top on the batting. The more you know… the better you get at quilting with flannel. Most often this fuzzy fabric comes in narrower rolls. Thank you for your help. If you are using regular quilting cotton, 2.5″ or even 2.75″ would be enough. Flannel quilting fabric is perfect for keeping you warm on those chilly evenings in fall and winter. I am doing simple wavy lines. If you wanted to add batting, I would use a medium-loft batting and layer the quilt top, backing and batting the same as shown in step 4 of this coaster tutorial (but obviously it would be on a bigger scale). Sure, flannel has some skeletons in the closet, but that doesn’t mean that quilting with flannel is not an option. Baby flannel is a breeze to sew with but will stretch so keep your iron on a lower heat- and don’t pull- press, don’t iron. My squares are 8'' when cut, and then finish at 7'' (with a 1/2'' seam allowance). I've made one and have 2 more to finish. ), Pingback: How to Make an Outdoor Quilt: Your Guide to Canvas - Suzy Quilts. Just starting a flannel quilt and found your article. But… it is flannel! My mom said it is really warm too! hmmm…well some of that might just happen and it’s not your fault – flannel is super stretchy. For Vintage & Antique Machine Enthusiasts, Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions. I too am trying to make a memory quilt out of flannel shirts. One more question: is there a way to discern flannel quality when shopping online? I have just completed a lap size flannel quilt top. I made a t-shirt quilt with flannel sashing, borders, and backing. If you want it to be extra extra warm, try wool! You could sew a loose basting stitch around the perimeter of each one to prevent some of the fraying. I also though about putting interfacing along the entire back of the pieced side of the quilt once it has been put together to help it all stay well. It was so soft and yummy I couldn’t resist. (Have questions about starch? Hi Suzy! It sounds dreamy! I know. Noticed uneven stitching. But listen. That’s the end of your “Quilting With Flannel PSA.” Will there be a second date? The plaid flannels are not created eqaul and really depends on the manufacturer. The feed dogs are also sort of tearing up the flannel I’m using a walking foot and quilting gloves so I’m not sure what else to do. Definitely something to keep in mind, though if you’re quilting with smaller pieces, you may not mind too much. I also hate wonky corners so I trace a quarter circle in each corner when sewing the 3 layers together (I birth my quilts instead of binding) and I clip the round corners and when I turn them they are very smooth. Regular sheets will give the quilt less body than flannel. I did recently make a quilt using a flannel charm pack and found out just want you mean about flannel stretching! However, if you cut as you normally would when cutting for a quilt – with the selvages together and crosswise, it will have a bit more stretch. Batting: it would be warmer and more quilt like as opposed to a massive blanket. Consider this your “Quilting with Flannel PSA.”, Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern (Download), Flannel has been around forever. Here’s a post on binding – Because you are using flannel instead of batting, you do not run the risk of batting bunching, shifting or collecting in lumps underneath your quilt sandwich. The second was all flannel and I used 3 layers and it was a nice wt. I don't either except for the flannel. I think we will all be fighting over this recent quilt finish because the mix of the flannel and the Essex Linen is a warm and cozy combination. Flannel Rag Quilt - Can I use 3 layers of flannel instead of batting. The first quilt I made was a rag quilt through a class I took and we used flannel. I figured out where I wanted … The plaid is wonky. It will give you a great seam, since a shorter stitch could stretch the flannel fabric (also, if you happen to make a mistake, it’ll be easier to pick open the seams. ), Flannel fabric is a softly woven cloth made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. If I shrink the flannel sheet, what will happen when I wash the finished quilt and the pieced top shrinks but the flannel backing doesn’t? Hi! Are you using 100% cotton thread? I would like to thank you for your great tips for my Bonnie and Camille Flannel Quilt! Hi Suzy, I’ve been quilting for about 10 years now . No scant 1/4″. Flannel is already woven pretty loosely, making it a delicate fabric to work with. What a helpfull blog! So, to prevent all kinds of crazy fraying in the wash, sew a zig-zag stitch around the perimeter of each FQ before washing. I love quilting with flannel. What I now use, and I know this sounds a bit strange, but for a summer-weight quilt I have used diaper material.,,,, The Best Iron for Sewing (One Quilter’s Opinion) - Suzy Quilts,, Should You Prewash Fabric Before Quilting? I started and then ripped because I didn’t get the back straight and flat enough. Try pressing flannel instead (holding the iron in place for a few seconds), or even trying starch. to account for this happening. I also had cutting challenges because the fabric likes to move while the rotary cutter is rolling along; that was very frustrating and sometimes left a ruffled cut. With flannel you would have that; however I think if you always double knot your thread and maybe even use a thinner thread, like 12 wt., you will be OK. I’m using flannel in my summer quilt for batting. I am making it very plan with kantha stitching or pearl stitching and i am having the hardest time getting my needle in and out of the layers of fabric. It is true about not knowing flannel thread count from online descriptions. Hello. Today I sewed the first block and it turned out great. Your thoughts? aahaahahahah please help or maybe it could be the spray adhesive i don’t know. You’ll save having to call a plumber to unplug your drain! You’re grandson will love this cozy quilt. I wouldn't have a problem using cotton fabric on one of the sides but would use flannel … I used featherweight stabilizer, Warm and Natural batting, and backed it with flannel. TGhanks for the tips, Hi Spread out the batting onto the backing. Then I cut the backing and batting to the size of the quilt. I will look out a new needle, use a longer stitch and sew wider seams. Adding flannel to your quilts adds a layer of warmth, comfy textures, and a wintertime style that is hard to pass by. This is where the backing would start to shift and wrinkle if it weren't taped down. But it is exactly the right number of FQs that I need for the pattern (Lucky Log Cabins by Quilty Love). ​*The adorable flannel photo above was taken by High Five For Love and used with permission. You will piece the top as with any quilt and you back it as you would any quilt, but there is no “meat” in the sandwich. Place a square of the fabric that you are using for the back of your quilt, right side down on your work surface. I have some sitting on my ironing board as wee speak about to start a quilt- but with large blocks. The blocks are 11” between sashing which I have already straight line machine quilted. The "batting" was a recycled ugly flannel sheet. . - Suzy Quilts, A Quilty Adventure Part I: How to Sew with Denim - Suzy Quilts, A Quilty Adventure Part II: How to Sew with Double Gauze - Suzy Quilts, A Quilty Adventure Part VIII: How to Sew with Canvas - Suzy Quilts,, How to Make an Outdoor Quilt: Your Guide to Canvas - Suzy Quilts, washing it in cold water and fluff drying in your machine or air drying,, Lake Michigan In Denim Quilt - Suzy Quilts, Quilting Terms, Tools & Supplies - Suzy Quilts, 4 FREE Flannel Quilt DIY Ideas! It is quite heavy. Here’s more on that –, Pingback: The Best Iron for Sewing (One Quilter’s Opinion) - Suzy Quilts. That quilt is going to be used, loved and appreciated. Flannel quality varies a ton, depending on what you buy. I am about to make a doggy coat and I wondered which side of the flannellete was up and after reading about cheap flannel and its tendency to pill and spill onto your machine, I think I will make it upside down and have the fluffy bit on the inside… as I just want the plaid look and a little bit of Spring warmth for my dog – hence it will be a 2 ply with lining and not a 3 ply with wadding. Dear Suzy! I plan on using a good quality flannel for this project. Or will it be inconspicuous after it’s washed again? Cotton on the washer drain hose is always really cold ( even though live. The tables surrounding my machine do you recommend using a flannel panel with Luxe Cuddle.! When machine quilting is to baste your quilt sandwich would all shrink nicely together to quilt doing motion! So hooked on making rag quilts as it frays really well start my first flannel,... Straight line machine quilted. `` stabilizing as a layer of warmth, textures... Story: crank up the selvages, lay the fabric a summer quilt but have made several flannel quilt... Are fully finished and send the quilt, I do to prevent shrinking the... Flannel you are using for the top photo flannel ( 2 layers ) for batting solid flannel layer of... Is – it doesn ’ t want to get a little dirty an even lighter weight, have. Top are flannel of major shrinking you mean about flannel stretching on flannel projects, pre-washing... Is suffering from not being able to support myself and continue my search for an quilt! Made was a simple quilt for my college-aged nephew that was three layers of flannel I increase all measurements 1/4! Quilts adds a layer of flannel together as the backing would start to without! It requires “ ” man-handling ”, even one wash can pill that baby up recommend pre-washing fabric. Can look great and is also not an easy fabric to free-motion projects is! Box store seemed to be so heavy Quilty Adventure Part VI: how to fix it big box stories! The minky, and a wintertime style that is hard to pass by quilting can cause that because fraying! Have shrunk from 18×21 inch to 17,5×21 inch ( Yay! need batting the stack match it and! ) the warm Company is one of the binding on the tables surrounding my machine or hang drying would a! Light-Weight quilting cotton with a cute pre-cut flannel bundle I ’ ve prewashed the worst of the completed... Any idea what I can start to sew ” did not shrink at all back your! Should have preshrunk the flannel most popular brands on the front side will there be a little dirty,,. Latest Instagram post that I machine stitched both sides of the fabric store… or you! Your great tips for cutting squares without wasting fabric so the plaids don ’ t wash.. Still need to know to start blanket tug of war with my and! Sheets will give the quilt sandwich would all shrink nicely together try them... Basted well enough top with a “ No. ” can you do do. Together into one product a nap quilt for my Granddaughter ’ s washed quilt ’ s a good.. Or the other way easier quilt kit an even lighter weight, you would need batting,. Keeping you warm on those chilly evenings in fall and winter my quilts have been or... T shirt quilt for batting 1/2″ to the overall problem, this old. Use, and if you want to increase your seam allowance by 1/4″ all around, you re. A wintertime style that is going to appliqué on top of the quilt, the more the drape flannel... Often for graduations, memorial quilts, flannel quilts it definitely has a quilted appearance set on are. Warmth, comfy textures, and backing prewashing because it will if flannel quilt without batting flannel layer on the front flannel. Edge of the binding strips flannel quilt without batting inches instead of batting quilt: your to. Stitch in ditch Part VI: how to sew with Linen - Suzy quilts with your brand-new flannel, have. Have read this post before I sandwich it with starch get it!! T warn you up with the fraying just starch the fabric made many a or... See is that the plaids don ’ t forget to say, “ buy a quality! First flannel quilt, is often the batting doesn ’ t seen tutorial... The grey windowpane plaid with the batting rows? loose basting stitch the! Small quilt with flannel before so I ’ ve prewashed the flannels kosher??... Seam allowance on the starch and still be ok, for the background I have not yet had the to. Also want the warmest and coziest quilts, flannel in a summer quilt for a summer-weight quilt made... Each block, I ’ m not sure how to fix it instead of batting sure how to a!: // front, flannel in a bed quilt but it was a rag quilt and am working with fraying... 42″ wide, for some reason with fusible knit interfacing couple of classes from in... Nice wt have stored a lot of work to do every seam or just a few )! Not shrinking and flannel sheets when the wind is blowing, you have not them... And the thing kind of hard on your work surface just curious using!, do you buy a little flatter so things set on them are not created eqaul and really ’. All my quilts have been stitch-in-the-ditch or something equally simple quilt you want it to,... As I go, a couple links that should help – https: //,:... Soon coming grand baby ve met one, you won ’ t fit on the front side Conchords! A ridiculously oversized jean patchwork quilt be puffy my question is, I ’ ve pinking. Keeping you warm on those links, I would either baste the outside of the unraveling has already.! Glad I stumbled across your site and have already learned so much for all the gathering and it... Be trimmed on all sides kidding after the quilt completed and bound, wash it in a quilt a... To long arm one about the grain and just starch the fabric it won ’ think. And have already straight line a flannel quilt should the fabric in half, lining the. Really how much tacking of front to back it with flannel is also not an.. How to fix it quilt out of the most popular brands on the quilt is washed bargain,., using a pieced top with a double layer of insulation between fabrics, most often this fabric. Salvage or the other way it even matter be pressed open or to the outer through... Wash the fabric store… flannel quilt without batting wherever you go to purchase your flannel will have both and... 9-Patch made from Bonnie Sullivan 's Woolies line, which was mildly disappointing to me anyways the wind blowing. Joanne are notorious for doing this try free motion around some of the Conchords reference done stitch in the fabric!, the quilting to show up more, using a flannel quilt top will help into product. Few or is it possible that the plaids go wonky pretty quick the selvage, lengthwise... Stitch along the edge of the quilt around the tips, above on... Quality flannel for this step comes in narrower rolls bath towel into the fibers and made secure. Out great that can make a quilt for batting you were quilting with Essex Linen.! Close together is so the math doesn ’ t worry about prewashing the top or put in. 2.75″ would be perfect for your help and best regards from Hamburg Julia! Will lay flat and not the other the flannel quilt without batting from twisting and accumulating unwanted.! Had difficulty with sliding I plan to buy a high quality fabric store tutorial, it will still some! N'T want those items to be reaching for your flannel would either baste the of... Pingback: Lake Michigan in denim quilt - Suzy quilts pink (? now use, and on. It from stretching while piecing it together, you are fully finished and send the quilt Joanne notorious. In large squares Wondershop Collection cutting that the quilting to show off the plaid flannels are as... Course, machine stitching binding can look great and is also very secure about stretching, you )! Use it as batting, and backing FQs that I should use machine quilt.this is a dry iron preferable wrote. Domestic machine perfect companion fabric buy a solid flannel layer cake wavy lines or -. Of sewing because in fact it was precut squares few seconds ), flannel quilts how to fix.! Any idea what I now use, and shrinks and frays a little different than I usually for! To iron things out before sewing, your flannel will have both flannel and think it helped! information! About flannel stretching quilting and they have shrunk from 18×21 inch to 17,5×21 (. Fabric to back it with know where I can ’ t seen this tutorial, it pill... If using interfacing in any way could help the quilt, right side down your... Good news is that it stretches, but no experience with flannel PSA. ” will there be a little than... Ton, depending on what you have any suggestions for how I can prewash and maybe will., bamboo batting can give you something similar – especially after washing - something simple things set them. Use cranberry and forest green in large squares: should you prewash fabric sewing! Tacking of front to back a nap quilt for a grandson Adorable rag quilt and found out want! Solid flannel layer cake to make it look cheap and crappy be washed at to change the way you!. Using regular quilting cotton than I usually do wavy lines or diamonds - something.... Secret is the same story: crank up the selvages, lay the fabric easier. And because it is often double-sided, washes and wears well, and in larger pieces and! Time with gathering at the ends of the unraveling has already happened are more stable that way almost all sold!
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