Just been on Pinterest after a while and saw this! thanks for sharing! Ananda. Good luck with your build and post some photos when it's done! You can  stack them up,  hang them in a tree, or cut them into  flower shape as a lotus planter. Oh my goodness, I love this! I think we slit a few holes in the plastic with a Stanley knife. Thanks for such a nice idea-sharing. I never really realized that you could technically turn anything into a planter. Hello Ananda, Your designs are very nice and eye-catching. on Introduction. P. The damaged compost bags we bought came repackaged in larger sacks (Image 2). You can also cut posts to install along the walls for additional strength. I couldn't find one big enough for less than £60, so I roped my old man into helping me build one. Our kitchens have a lot of planters in disguise! Choose a spot that gets at least six hours of sun. on Introduction. . I have just one question, how do you attach the slat supports to the frame? Recently I signed up for a fantastic offer from the BBC and got some free seeds, which has finally spurred me on to grow my own grub - I don't think the seed offer is still running, but you can have a look at the BBC Dig In mini-site at http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/digin/ Our English country garden is pretty small and we didn't have any spare border for veggies, so we needed a planter. I love the hats and the boots. I will try Diy planters from recycled tries for my house decoration. If you are lucky enough to have tree stumps or logs, definitely check these DIY planter ideas out! I’m still planning my flower garden now and here are few planters that will look great at my place. We are here to get you on the right path with tips, tricks, and ideas to consider as you plan your very own DIY planter. No matter, because if you have a few tools and access to wood pallets, you can build a pallet planter. Stick to ornamentals and its all good and beautiful. Was thinking of ideas to do up an old shed so going to use hats? This is upside down to the way it will finally sit. I've attached a few photo's of my version of your design, just so you can see how it turned out. Pallet planters can be made in an instant here with weed barrier fabric to help hold the soil. Read More…, DIY | Decor | Garden | Arts & Crafts | Holiday | Clean & Organize, ©2014-2115 apieceofrainbow.com | Privacy Policy, « Free Printable Happy Birthday Card with Pop Up Bouquet, 18 Inspiring Home Decor Ideas with Ladders For Every Room ». C. Screw the corners of the decking to the legs. My daughters are DYING to plant flowers, but our garden space is teeny tiny for our townhome, so this post is coming at a great time! Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation: 100% Success in 2 Easy Ways! Family Handyman Updated: Mar. Arrange the panels into two groups of four, for the front and back of the box, and two groups of two (the sides of the box). I love tire planters! DIY Bed Frame & Wood Headboard ($1500 Look for $100! start by cutting some wooden planks so you have 2 that are 2 feet long and 2 that are 4 feet long. 20. See you next week! 8 years ago OMG This is so awesome!! Next garden projects diy building a raised planter beds planters boxes the glove how to make wooden bbc gardeners world 16 outstanding backyard landscaping build tiered box these easy with instructions gardener s path and nuts 28 best bed ideas designs piece of rainbow use potato Next Garden Projects Diy Building A Raised Planter Beds … Continue reading How To Build A Garden Planter But rather than digging separate footing trenches, it's easier to lay a 150mm-deep concrete slab base under the planter that extends 100mm beyond each wall. Cut out the corners on two slats, so that they fit around the legs in the corners. Build each length of the bench seat, place the straight ends of the bench in the notches, and then attach the mitered ends to the square of wood that caps the center support. A 4-ft.-wide planter is ideal for harvesting from both sides. Or does plastic not retain the water as much as I think....? Nice idea. Planters D.I.Y. Reply on Step 7. Step 3 Group 7: Old garden tools and objects into DIY outdoor planters. Lovely and quite useful ideas! To soften the look, add pillows. How to build a brick planter Like any brick or stone wall, a planter needs a solid foundation. B. Clamp the parts together so that you can still get two screws into both decking parts. Filed Under: DIY, Gardening and Landscape Design, Great post. This simple DIY garden planter is designed for minimal waste and cost, and is easily customizable. Vegetable Garden Layout: 7 Best Design Secrets! They are approximately 30mm x 140mm x 630mm. It came repackaged in strong polythene, which we then used for the lining. Such a cute idea!!! tiered timber planter Learn how to build a tiered timber planter Planters How to create your own indoor garden Having an indoor garden not only looks amazing, but a few well-placed pot plants scattered about the house can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Lay each group flat and make sure the tops and bottoms are flush as they are set vertically. This is the centre point at which you want to attach the middle legs. The minute I saw your Planter box on instructables I had to give it a go plus I would score a few brownie points with the wife ;-) . perfect ideas for anyone who wants to do a planter for their home from re-purposed objects. Before constructing it we chamfered the edges of the longer side pieces, this was done by setting the chop saw at a 45 degree angle and starting the cut 12mm from the edge (our decks were 30mm). Create a DIY trellis. your designs are creative. A jigsaw, for the cut outs. Gardeners always have plenty of used hats, colorful rain boots, shoe organizers, and cute happy purses. Nail or screw the legs together at a right angle, using a scrap as support. If you’re a true handyman who loves working with a variety of tools, you can create a DIY trellis. beautiful and easy DIY large wood planter box for $10. indoor wire vertical garden A vertical garden is a great way to brighten up any space indoors or out. Built-In Rock Garden for Succulents Fit four pieces of wainscot together, tongue into groove, to create a panel. So smart! paints for exterior fences, or exterior spray paints! F. Screw down all the side pieces - fit them up first to see which order they should go depending on any warped pieces. I. I hope these ideas will inspire you to create some beautiful and bountiful container gardens this year! Check out these 10 great outdoor projects for spring! Oh wow, these are so creative! Determine your layout. Take a long side, a short side and a leg and place them together as shown in the image (1). A wheel barrel with drain holes drilled through makes a rustic charming large planter for outdoors! 6 end pieces (630mm lengths of the decking plank). You want to hold some water, but it needs to be able to drain away as well - worst case scenario your vegetables could rot. Q. Heck, you could create an entire garden of pallet planters, like a mini raised bed garden. Tape the panel with painter's tape to hold it together. The type writer plant!?!! Let’s look at: Let’s start with some designer looking DIY planters you can make for less than $10! Thank you very much, Ananda. I’ll definitely recommend your post to my sister. I’ve been super obsessed with planters lately. In the past our garden has been on the side of the house. I need to do more planting. I’m a news reporter so it’s right up my alley. Half this number and measure and mark on the bottom of the bottom side piece on both sides. Right now, everything I see, looks like a potential DIY planter! Will you be planting vegetables, plants, or flowers? The good news is, we don’t have to spends $500 on a few outdoor planters. It’s making me want to DIY my own version! I especially love the tire swing and rain boot planters, so adorable. Most garden centres or DIY shops will have some goods damaged by careless forklift drivers which they'll be selling cheap - have a look around at the back or ask someone. The simplest planters consist of edging for flower or vegetable beds. There should be a screw in each corner of the decking planks. Hi there, this looks great, will be constructing a couple of these myself this week! Drill some holes in the base of the planter. A screwdriver. See Images 10-14 for shots of the slat supports in place. I pinned the parrot. Thanks for the comment and the photos T!BIRD, it looks great! Point H doesnt state what your recommended method is? I would like to know what kind of paint to use on tires. 3/4″ (20mm) plywood to size for the planter base. ), How to Paint a Fridge ( & Fake a $2000 Retro Fridge for $20), Easy DIY Pendant Light with Beautiful Origami DIY Lampshade, 28 Best DIY Raised Bed Garden Ideas & Designs, Farmhouse DIY Kitchen Island ( an IKEA hack! Then I have to say I think the boots are my favorite!! Your email address will not be published. How to make a wooden planter – drilling holes at the end of each end of the wood Step 2 Lay out two 100cm, 60cm and 40cm lengths to form the frame. Love cats or not, this soda bottle planter is just darling! Required fields are marked *, Hello and welcome! This looks just what i need but i might raise the 'floor' for the plants - herbs etc., don't need the full depth of soil in spec as it is.. i'll let you know how it goes. It had very thin base slats and one has broken. 6 lengths of timber to make a baton to hold the base slats (19mm x 32mm x Various). Make a strawberry tower from plastic nursery pots! Jun 8, 2013 - If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your garden this year planting vegetables and more, then we have a great project here to help you start planting right way. Cut 10 x 63cm slats from the offcut decking planks. These are such great ideas! Anthropologie Style DIY Oyster Shell Trinket Dish. It's more important that it has it's own internal integrity rather than being mathematically accurate. See image 2 and 3. Measure the legs and cut to length, making sure both end are square. An easy diy project called a Raised Planter Bed that will fit in just about any sized yard. 1000 cm3 is equivalent to 1 litre in volume.So 370440 cm3 is equivalent to approximately 370.5 litres.Our bags hold 75 litres, so we needed five to fill the planter. Loved the concrete module one . on Introduction, Nice write up! Many ways to make hanging planters from plastic bottles! What follows is an account of our magical journey to garden planter ownership... Read on and maybe one day you too could be a planter owner. Diy flower pots from re-purposed objects is very special for me. The planter comes with a lot of space for you to grow vegetables, strawberries and flowers. If you invest in weather resistant lumber, such as cedar this garden planter will last for decades. 5. We'll transfer them in a few weeks when they are more established. In the first image below you can see a planter we made previously. K. One slat will need two cutouts around the middle legs (we were really lucky and the cutout we needed was exactly the same as the corners, but it may end up in the middle of the slat and need a three side cut with jigsaw). 8 years ago Home Outdoors Garden. D. Move on to the next corner - don't forget to offset the leg with the off-cut. Much simpler than that sentence makes it sound! simple wood planters to cover old plastic pots! Make an epic planter out of lots of glass bottles. Hello, and welcome to my 2nd published Instructable, children! So adorable! 1. , These are awesome and so creative!! Planters can be made from rain gutters either hung with cables, or painted and attached to fence, or a painted drain pipe. You can also use a try square to ensure the panels are flush. 14, 2019. Hope this helps - good luck with the build and post a picture if you can. We drew around an offcut of the legs and made two cuts for each corner with a jigsaw. Oooo love the pot stand/bench/planters. See Image 4 for a view of the finished cutout. What i meant to ask was how the rails (that the base slats rest on) themselves are secured to the frame? See Image 5. Share it with us! We slit the sides and stapled the plastic to the inside of the planter. Roll the top of the plastic over and staple it about 2cm below the top of the planter. Thanks but that wasnt quite what i meant, sorry for not being clear. The small off-cut under the leg is to set the leg slightly below the top of the planter so you can't see it from the side. I love the colorful tires. That deserves its own Ible if you ever make another or if you've got enough pictures. If necessary, clean the pavers, especially the areas where you'll be applying the adhesive. Did you make this project? You can build this planter in one weekend and then you can start growing vegetables on your backyard patio. I love the rain boot planters!! 03:16. Embellish the top with wood trim, paint the piece, then fit it with a trellis made from inch-wide boards. It was really hard to maintain and take care. I realize I’ve been overthinking an upcycle project I’ve wanted to undertake.I’ll send you a pic when I’m done, but (hint) it has to do with empty 20lb plastic jugs of kitty litter. Just make sure not to eat what you plant in them. This is going to be sooo much better. Keep it to 3 ft. wide if you’re placing your planter against a wall or fence. I love those concrete modular planters! Make a cutting list of the parts you need to make the planter - then you can work out what you need to buy and what you can use from the shed. A wine bottle makes the perfect self watering planter and plastic bottles can work too! Planters can be made from rain gutters either hung with cables, or painted and attached to fence, or a painted drain pipe. Cheers for the feedback - they look great! I LOVE them. 03:16 Planters How to make a concrete planter You can make the perfect cement planter to suit any size indoor plant with this easy project. You'll need two end pieces and then four side pieces for between a corner leg, the middle leg and the other corner leg; on each side. Tools We Used: A hammer, for showing nails who's boss. Build your own cedar planter box, complete with trellis, for an elegant addition to your yard or patio. Spring is here and it is gardening time. Cut the 1x6s and 2x2 balusters for the planter's sides and cleats. My favorite ones are the soda bottles recycled – especially the ones painted like cats. Planters or organized beds with planter borders can not only provide mowing definition, but contain the flowers and hopefully keep out weeds that may grow into them from surrounding areas. Reply Test fit each one as you go along. Now I am really stepping into a fairy tale: a book planter, and a typewriter planter. I have several tires laying around. ), DIY 3D 2021 Calendar! See images 2 and 3. Today we're going to make a planter from offcuts and inexpensive timber. N. Bask in the glory of completing the woodwork part of construction! thanks for nice DIY ideas. 9 years ago You can see the outcome in the images.TIP FROM MY DAD: Chamfer the bottoms of the legs to stop the wood splitting. Now we've got the wooden construction finished we need to drill drainage holes, line the inside and fill it with compost. M. Place all the slats into the base (see Image 7 for a view of the halfway point). T.. Building the Planter Follow these steps-by-step instructions to make the patio planter. Now that we are through the science, we can get down to business and show you How to Build Your Own Simple 5 Gallon Self-Watering Planter. My husband used these plans from woodprix and he's very satisfied. Position each cleat ½ inch from the board's bottom edge and center it lengthwise. I had a go at this on an offcut and made it look like a stake that could kill a vampire! Can it be summer, like, right now?! Another designer looking wood DIY planter: a living wall pallet planter! Whether you have a lot of space to fill with greenery or you just want to build a simple window box, we have you covered. Take extra care around the legs. This is an ideal place for hanging vines to grow. We use those parrot things in Panama, too. See Image 7 for approximate screw positions and Image 8 showing all side pieces attached and the planter turned right side up. I don't remember using any glue, I'm pretty sure we used screws for everything.
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