Very well done ☺, Nice flow of writing on travel experience to Korigad fort.Trekkers must read this article and travel tips are informative. One finds two lakes upon reaching the top of the fort. Salter Lake camping located nearby, Taila-Baila rock climbing mountains located nearby. Trek Fee: ₹ 2500/-More Details. It was to prevent any mishap or drowning of a trekker. During monsoon, you can see a beautiful waterfall falling from the top of the mountain. Fitness & health: Though trekking is a fun-filled activity, it demands good amount of physical fitness. This is a well written article, I liked the detailing. Korigad trek experience. After listening to the briefing, we joined as a community and recited a short prayer. The fort is surrounded by Korigad, Telbaila and Sudhgad, yet it stands out from all the surrounding places as the ‘fortress of solitude’. 43 Nawanagar ICI Shed Ground Floor, Dockyard Rd, Ekta Nagar, Mazgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400010. Korigad (also called Koraigad, Koarigad or Kumwarigad) is a hill fort located about 20 km (12 mi) south of Lonavla in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. The exciting part of the fort is that its wall is completely intact, and one can walk along the entire perimeter. It will take atleast two hours completely, and there are many viewpoints available on the fort. Trek to Korigad !! Situated at an altitude of 923 meters above sea level, it named itself after the Goddess Koraidevi. We encountered a bit of traffic on the way. Tung Fort has an elevation of 1075 m above sea level. Anyways, Korigad Fort trek is a very easy trek located near to touristy town Lonavala. Thank you for the information. empire. Beginning at a small base village near the foothills of the Western Ghats, you'll embark on an easy, 1-hr trek to Korigad Fort that will take …  covered in a curtain of fog once you reach the top everything foggy. Korigad Trek. Learn how your comment data is processed. Korigad is Few KM ahead of Famous "Tiger Point" in Lonavala. Drive from Lonavala to Korigad was quite heavenly with road engulfed in the clouds and wild flowers spread across the vast expanse. This blog is about our first trek of 2019 monsoon. Ideally, the best time to visit the fort is from September to March. Please do not enter any spam link in the comment box. After that, we headed towards the same route from where we came. Korigad, Maharashtra . During winter and summer, early morning trek recommended carrying the right amount of drinking water and some ready to eat snacks. It is better to trek in a small or large group. Korigad Fort is not only known for its architecture, but it is also a popular trekking location. 7. About the trek : Korigad fort is located about 20 Kms away from Lonavla, in Pune district. Later, I headed towards the temple, where the youth animators were resting themselves. You can carry floaters to wear only after the trek is completed. The walls of the ruined fort were intact. After hearing this, all of us started bursting out with laughter. Winter and Summer, the sunrise at the fort, is awe-inspiring. Updated Jul 24, 2016 This is a great place to go for a one day trip from either Mumbai or Pune due to the following reasons Also, I saw the ramparts of the fort partially covered in fog from a distance. It was amazing going through your story. While walking, I saw a Maratha era cannon kept on a stone. Surely, I love to give my next visit to this. Also, the weather looks like typical English one.It is beautiful trek, will try it sometime. It is about 929 meters above sea level. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate as the routes are mind bogglingly confusing. Sights to Visit on Korigad Fort At least 2-litres of water (preferably in personal reusable bottles). There is Open parking ground were you can park Vehicle and start the trek. A double strap bag. We had some breakfast and then our trek … After a while, the trekkers arrived and started boarding the bus one after the other. On the way, we saw smaller buildings, fields, hills, and so on. However, the climb is easiest from the Peth Shahpur village. Instant energizers like Glucon-D or Tang. It is estimated that the fort was built in the early 1500s. At the base, I saw the bastion of the fort covered partially in fog. We headed towards an intact entrance gate covered with moss known as. One should visit the fort early morning as there is zero shade on top of the fort. We all knew the roads and we were going to travel in our four wheelers. After some time, we assembled near the temple and listened to a last-minute briefing from the former parish priest. This day trek to Korigad Fort started when I was working at that time. There are two routes to reach the peak. The Korigad trek is a very simple one, the easiest trek I have experienced till now. Korigad fort has a vast plateau to cover. The views are beautiful. This was my second trek to KORIGAD previous one was almost eight years ago. Korigad is the perfect place for doing one day treks around Mumbai and has a lot to offer for those who relatively new to trekking. There are a couple of routes that one can take to get to the top. The trek comprises a walk of about 15 to 20 minutes followed by some steps to go to the top. There are many options available for food near the parking area, and One local person has set up a small stall on top of the fort he offers simple snacks and tea. 7. Join Neeraj Narayanan and his trip leaders as they take you on the “magic bus” across locations in India, South East Asia and Europe. If you are under medication, please carry your medicines. Unfortunately, the cattle occupied that pond, making it their own. From this point, I admired the small rock-cut cave and a little shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesh next to it. While heading towards the ponds, I saw the fog partially covering the pond and the greenery. It was nice to see this cold and foggy atmosphere. While getting bored, I listened to music on my cell phone. On hearing the announcement, I took a keen interest in attending it. It is captured by many bloggers and influencers in their videos. After lunch, I walked for some time and saw the ruined wall of a bastion. The closest village is Peth Shahpur. . Garbett Point Trek – An exciting one day trek near Mumbai (INR 350) Hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post. I couldn't visit this temple nor see the cannon due to fog and time constraints. The impressive Korigad Fort is located about 20km away from Lonavala in Pune district. Appropriate rain cover for yourself and bag. During monsoon,Â. The excitement kicked off as soon as I packed my bag. As the weather got windier and colder, all of us started shivering from head to toe. It was a bit hectic, though. We have been leading group trips since 2014 to Ladakh, Meghalaya, Bhutan, Kashmir, Sikkim, Kerala, South East Asia and Europe. There is a small village near the trek start point called Peth Shahpur. Camping on Korigad fort trek: Korigad fort is basically flat at the top. Also, I walked near the small dam and saw the pond from the top. At around 1400 hrs, all of us headed towards the steps. Healthy foods like fruits, dry fruits, energy bars and so on. Later, we continued climbing the steps. Then by a local vehicle reach the village Peth Shahpur, Local Government Bus are available from Lonavala Bus Depot, By Road to reach Korigad available on google maps, From Mumbai Fort Korigad Distance 105.1 km. Pack your electronics (Mobile, portable charger, camera and so on) in plastic bags during the rains. Later, we headed straight towards the parking space where our bus parked. 06.30 am: Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM, near Dadar (E) station 07:15 am: Pick u from K Star Mall Chembur 07:40 am: Pick up from Vashi 08:00 am: Pick up from 3 Star, Kharghar 10:15 am: Reach the base village and enjoy breakfast One is from a village called PethShahpur and the other is from Ambavne village. On climbing around 510 steps, we arrived at a green open space on top of the fort. After that, I headed towards the other side and saw a part of the rampart partially covered in fog. Since Pawna was built, it is now surrounded by water on three sides. Route from Peth-Shahpur is easier than […] The church youth group organized it. I couldn't visit it due to time constraints. I saw the trekkers finished taking a dip in the pond. After a while, the bus started and headed towards our destination. 16-17th January, 2021. There are two lakes on the top of the fort. Monsoon is usually prefered by most trekkers as the trek route is well marked. It takes around 1 hour to reach the top of the fort. There was no entrance fee. The planned township of Aamby Valley is built over the fort's southern and eastern foothills. In case you want to stay on the fort at night, you can stay inside the temple. Change of clothes. [1] A beautiful trip to a beautiful place.Very well written article. Trekking is a wonderful way to enjoy nature. It was raining heavily right from the beginning of the trek till we came back home. After the 1.5-2km walk we reached Bhaje village. Wow, this is such a great experience. Wow...its amazing. Drive from Lonavala to Korigad was quite heavenly with road engulfed in the clouds and wild flowers spread across the vast expanse. There are two lakes on the top of the fort. After that, we prayed as a community so that we would have a safe journey. However, in the night be careful of the winds and try to take shelter against the wind from some structure at the top. A sling bag is not allowed in the trek. Also, I saw the large pond and rocky mounds near it. There are many trekking routes available nearby like Tung fort, Visapur fort, Tikona fort, Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Ghangad fort. I was expecting a rush in local but very few seats where occupied by travellers. 21th June 2015: Trek to Korigad (Total Distance traveled: 140 km): We woke up early morning by 5 am and left Pune by 6.30 after meeting other trekkers in Kothrud area. I posed for a photograph with the former parish priest as a memory. It creates a magnificent spectacle. You can see the Amby Valley airport from the top of the fort.Â. After that, I admired the ruined wall within the fort and a small shrine made out of a tin shed by the local villagers. After that, we walked towards a trail parallel to a long steel pipe. Korigad Fort The Korigad Fort is considered as one of the best trekking places near Mumbai for first-timers. Later, we headed towards a small forest and climbed the muckier slope. For a few minutes, the wind blows away the fog and revealing the beautiful region. Brief info about Tung fort : It is about 12 km from Malavli railway station and can also be approached from Lonavala. After some time, the bus halted in between. Korigad Trek. Korigad fort is situated very close to Ambey Valley city and with the roads in good condition one can reach easily in their own vehicle. Upon alighting from the bus, we started walking towards a small trail flanked by trees and plants. Korigad Trek. In 1818, the British captured the fort from the Marathas. It provides the perfect opportunity for novice trekkers and is the easiest among other treks. Without wasting any time, we started our first trek patch. Korigad Trek, Pune Overview . Korigad Fort Trek. Before the buses could arrive, we carefully listened to a short briefing by our former parish priest (now Bishop). All Rights Reserved. To get regular updates on upcoming budget blog posts from On a Cheap Trip , please subscribe by entering your name and E-mail address in the Newsletter below. Located near Aamby Valley, this fort is known as Koraigad or Kumwarigad. While walking, I saw a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. I couldn't get a good view as it was foggy. Do not go venturing anywhere alone. As there were many to climb up, I took small breaks in between to rejuvenate myself. Korigad (also called Koraigad, Koarigad or Kumwarigad) is a hill fort located about 20 km (12 mi) south of Lonavla in Pune district, Maharashtra, India.Its date of construction is not known but likely predates 1500. While walking, I saw the steps that led to our destination. Places of interest on Korigad fort trek: Two big ponds inside the premises of Korigad fort. Installed in front of Koraidevi Temple is a large cannon called. Thank you for reading my travel blog and stay tuned for my next blog coming soon. Finally, at around 1800 hrs, we arrived near the quadrangle of our church. I can see you had a lot of climbing to do. Korigad, Pune District . Trek is ideal for beginners getting into the world of trekking. The Korigad trek is a long trek and it will almost take a whole day to trek along the long trails and slippery surface. Its date of construction is not known but likely predates 1500. Situated at an altitude of 929 m, Korigad is one of the popular forts near Lonavala and also […] Korigad fort trek is an easy trek and serves as a beautiful weekend getaway. It is a great trek for beginners or those looking to get their muscles in working order for the trekking season. There are six cannons seen within the fort. It is about 923 m above sea level. From Pune Fort Korigad Distance 90.8 km; The best time to visit Korigad Fort visited in any season. As it was time to leave this historical fortress, the rain stopped pouring. A sling bag is not allowed in the trek. The time required to trek from the base to the top is 1 hour. There is no need to carry huge cash. This fort was surrendered to British forces after the fall of Korigad on 17 - March - 1818. Nicely explained. It is about 923 m above sea level. Korigad Trek On seeing this, I posed for a quick photograph near it. I saw a few villagers roaming in the vicinity. Good trekking shoes or sport shoes and an an extra pair of floaters. I have done Korigad trek many times before but the monsoon trekking experience was altogether different and one of a kind. During winter and summer, early morning trek recommended carrying the right amount of drinking water and some ready to eat snacks. As the buses arrived at around 0645 hrs, our former parish priest assigned us to various buses based on the roll call. Lenyadri Ganesh Temple is a sightseeing option near the trek. After boarding the bus, we sat inside and waited for the other trekkers to come. After some time, we stopped for a while and saw the houses from a small viewpoint. In 1657, the Maratha king Shivaji captured this fort along with Tung, Tikona, Visapur, Lohagad Fort, and a few more. Korigad Fort is located about 20 km away from Lonavala in Pune District in Maharashtra. After that, I headed back and saw the ramparts of the fort from a close view. Before arriving at our destination, the bus slowed down as we passed through a thick fog on the Ghat road. On seeing another pond, the trekkers headed towards it. So it should be an ideal ground for camping. On the top, there is a temple of Koraidevi and also many other small temples. After a lot of climbing, I saw a small natural cave at one end. Standing at an elevation of around 920 meters from sea level, Korigad fort top gives some stunning view of the Aamby Valley city along with the Tung and Tikona fort . While walking, I saw a herd of cattle moving towards one of the ponds. On being partially drenched due to an unexpected rainfall, I started shivering and cautiously descended the slippery steps by holding the railings. The payment is encrypted and transmitted securely with an SSL protocol. After the briefing, he wanted to hear a loud response from us. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Known as Mahadev Temple, it has a small idol of. Korigad, at a height of 929m above sea level, is situated about 20km away from Lonavala on the way to Aamby valley. I completed a formality well before the deadline. At around 1430 hrs, the bus departed from Peth Shahapur village, and we headed straight towards our homebound destination. Adventure Geek invites you to Korigad fort trek. Do comment and let me know how was my Korigad Trek blog. At around 0700 hrs, the bus departed from our church quadrangle and headed towards our destination. From the ramparts, I could not get a breathtaking view of the surrounding area due to fog. Andharban Trek the famous most trek is two hours drive from the fort.Â, The jungle below the fort has been invaded from all sides by many construction projects. In fact, the city's first planned township- Aamby Valley is located on the eastern and southern foothills of Korigad. A half day trip to Global Vipassana Pagoda. Avoid wearing gold jewelry and the other ornament. Really excited to know about this place. Some of the structures on the fort are still intact and the views that one would get from the top are just splendid. In case you don't find any suitable food stall, carry some dry food. Its date of construction is not known but likely predates 1500. Later, at around 1215 hrs, I sat on one of the rocks and had a light lunch there. It is captured by many bloggers and influencers in their videos. MULSHI CAMPING + KORIGAD. The trekkers wanted to have a dip in that pond. To summarize, Korigad trek was the best monsoon trek near Mumbai. Trek to Korigad is easy as one has to pass Jungle trail and then stairs are well constructed to reach Korigad. Trekkers should carry a small bag to collect the used bottles and wrappers left by many travelers; this helps keep the fort clean. The Korigad Fort trek offers a trekking experience near … The weather was slightly warmer as the sun partially came out of the clouds. The trek to Korigad can be catogories in easy level trek. But it is definitely worth it. Few have dared to explore this mysterious area, and Ghangad to Korigad Trek is one of the most exciting things to do after a hectic week. Good trekking shoes or sport shoes and an an extra pair of floaters. The photographer could not take an entire group photograph due to wind and fog. If you are looking for a hill station which also offers one-day trekking near Mumbai, then Korigad is just the place for you. Korigad Fort Trek is amongst the popular treks in Maharashtra. Mumbaikars can reach Lonavala and then travel about 20km amidst green hills and valleys to reach Peth Shahpur the base village for Korigad fort. There are many options available for food near the parking area, and One local person has set up a small stall on top of the fort he offers simple snacks and tea. Fort restoration is in command by ASI and It feels good that finally Heritage places is being taken care of. Most of the trekkers spread out in different directions. A double strap bag. All of us felt like we were in heaven. Korigad fort trek 2020 Itinerary 06:00 am: Meet Team at SGNP Gate, Borivali (East),Leave for Korigad fort trek. Korigad Trek Korigad, also called Koraigad, is a hill fort in Pune district of Maharashtra, at a distance of 16 km from Tung Fort, 25 km from Lonavala and 32 km from Lohagad Fort,.
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