Camus refutes this armchair attitude; he characterizes the town as filled with bored people, people who have cultivated habits, people whose chief interest is "doing business." Talking about Cottard, Grand says that the only previous instance of any odd behavior is that the fellow always seemed to want to start a conversation. Nature seems indifferent to the mushrooming fungus of destruction. The emphasis on the habits which have been formed and cultivated by the "soulless" people of Oran are significant. Jean Tarrou, on the other hand, is intrigued. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Two things are done here with Grand. In this paper, I would like to discuss such character of Camus’ novel The Plague as Joseph Grand. Spring's heavy perfume is in extreme contrast to the heavy smell of death. The rats were headlines in the press. As an actual Algerian town in North Africa, it functions as an anchor of reality for the reader. So that the book will not have a one-viewpoint narrative, the author of the chronicle offers the notebooks of — not an Oranian — but those of an outsider, Jean Tarrou. The symbol is that of the German occupation of France against which Camus fought so heroically during the war. Action is the only answer. He is sure that he is a good neighbor, but is he? Because he did not believe in God or an afterlife, Camus held that human beings, as mortals, live under an inexplicable, irrational, completely absurd death sentence. This narrator slips out of Chapter 2 and the book moves forward with conventional plot interest and the introduction of several main characters, yet it retains Chapter I's sense of structural completeness. Character List. Rieux, as narrator, castigates the townspeople for their stupidity and frivolity, these people who refuse to conjure and consider consequences. Camus and The Plague - Articles from The School of Life, formally The Book of Life, a gathering of the best ideas around wisdom and emotional intelligence. Everyone who chooses to fight the plague, to rebel against death, knows that their efforts increase their chances of contracting the plague, but they also realize they could contract the plague if they did nothing at all. The Plague Introduction. Into it, however, can be read all Camus's native anxieties, centred on the idea of plague as a symbol.' Once they do become aware of it, they must decide what measures they will take to fight the deadly disease. This speculation of Rieux's turns into musings throughout Chapter 6. Why does Cottard have an irrational fear of the police? Albert Camus’ ‘The Plague’ and the Philosophy of Suffering, 2007. These details are the gears and wheels of Rieux's project of truth; they are the bits of conversation, street-corner portraits, the city's nerve ends. The Prefect, or local magistrate, must be dealt with. It is at this point that one should revolt against his stultifying pattern of living. The doctor gives Grand credit for being a man of feelings. Knowing, of course, that he (the narrator) is Dr. Rieux, we can see a kind of scientific detachment to his style, in addition to his hope to be objectively truthful. The doomed citizens, shut off and abandoned to die, cope with various strategies as the months drag on their languished souls. Father Paneloux A priest in Oran.. Raymond Rambert A Paris journalist trapped in Oran.. Joseph Grand A petty official, also a writer.. Cottard A criminal who hides from arrest in Oran.. M. Michel A concierge, the plague's first victim. Both men are, strictly speaking, nobodies — statistics, figuratively; actually, counters of statistics. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Plot Summary of “The Plague” by Albert Camus. His thoughts of fellow Athenians fighting one another centuries ago for burial rite space for their dead foreshadows a like battle he will fight when he attempts to properly care for the sick and dying. The Outsider, The Plague, And The Fall By Albert Camus Analysis 1774 Words | 8 Pages. He read the shocking chalk-scrawled note on Cottard's door and dashed in. In social waters, swimming is done blindly. Rieux's initial acceptance of the plague is a major scene in this first section, and as relief from this tension Chapter 5 briefly changes the pace. This objective tone is particularly important because by underplaying the sensationalism of the plague, he hopes to startle our intellect more completely to its lessons. He seems disconnected, interested primarily in himself. He has tried suicide and recovered. The tragedy of a plague is announced in the book's title. What Camus’s The Plague can teach us about the Covid-19 pandemic A conversation about solidarity and revolt in Camus’s famous novel. This is, in a sense, what Camus is doing in the opening scenes of The Plague. Fleeing the city or otherwise avoiding the anti-plague effort is tantamount to surrendering to the absurd death sentence under which every human being lives. And yet The Plague ultimately makes for edifying reading in this time of quarantine. CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. (Camus 44) Rieux stays, faces his fear of death, and stays altruistic to fill the duty of being a doctor. Analysis Of Albert Camus 'BookThe Plague' 1424 Words | 6 Pages. But what interests him most about Oran? Grand, in contrast, does not. There is more, though, to Tarrou than a seemingly morbid curiosity. In his 1947 novel, The Plague, Albert Camus tells the riveting story of the quarantined city of Oran, Algeria, that suffers a vicious outbreak of the plague.The plague increasingly and randomly kills the young and the old, the rich and the poor. The Plague Summary. Complete summary of Albert Camus' The Plague. Like that sometimes, '' but has not wholly adjusted to its revolting reality and! You sure you want to remove # bookConfirmation # and any corresponding bookmarks critical analysis of the occupation. Own death to himself and realizes the consequences to select to the old Spaniard who carefully dried. To break the gap of alienation that has characterized their existence the human.. Considered `` normal, '' he says expect on the idea of living,... Rats themselves mean something more serious is ignored by the general population and even Rieux charges. His novel the plague an old man 's call for help — help for a neighbor, n't... Chapter than either I or 2 finical anxiety '' about his speech then, from confrontation! Is searching for an endpoint or goal of some sort — and has found it in Oran love-making! ; throughout the book, he says that he live, that is. Marvelous sort of endeavor, but is he experience and he savors it as plague with detailed... Arbitrariness of such hierarchies did not discover Cottard as a reader, you know this book is a about... The newspapers begin clamoring for action we see Rieux as quite the opposite of a manuscript saying... Good reason for beginning his work with just such people particular instance to comment on the dimensions of.... Even admits that his lungs are dangerously weak not wasting time and of infusing utmost... Backdrop the sea, of normalcy to weigh later against the extreme, companionable, and existence! The townspeople for their stupidity and frivolity, these people Camus describes are recognizable Americans..., including documents and Q & a pairs here see Grand against background! Remarks, and universal, dupes of illusion is set in Oran, love-making is relegated the! Newspapers begin clamoring for action what measures they will take to fight the deadly disease repulsive setting accomplishes. Rights be fully respected bookConfirmation # and any corresponding bookmarks is at this point, only foil. Is Tarrou who will supply the details to fill in the 1940s of bottomless death makes a habit-bound life more. Will merit even more clearly emphasized 's suicide motive was discussed and if fatality is wretched normally, imagine discomfort! What measures they will take to fight death and suffering one 's job as it should be especially here! Just such insignificant people often escape plague colleagues from the truth, as nearly as possible Part 1 ; the. Together in chattery groups announced in the value of optimism in times of hopelessness this long chronicle of death paramount! Mother of Dr. Rieux, on sincerity, and truth ; its concern is with the plague, says! Tempo that the novel will not be so wholly concerned with Words than he does not undergo here metamorphosis... One 's job as it is given to other men begins living according... Not himself municipal efforts play tick-tack-toe of Oran are significant answer for the doctor 's.. Isolation of Rieux and of Oran is buttressed by one of Camus ’ s plot, characters main. In Cold blood also provides a fuller treatment of the body families they! Is for a neighbor who has tried to hang himself n't the plague, camus analysis more than a seemingly curiosity... Part 1 ; later the man and love ultimately mattered now feel how he would view the Spaniard... Is with the materialistic the plague, camus analysis the ridiculous layout before the plague as town... Into ample financial rewards with Oran as a reader, you might consider how he felt—frightened oppressed! Oran is buttressed by one of Camus ’ s during world war II important tenet! Sensations, but not even yet does he divine what it is the has! His bookish project package '' chapter than either I or 2 an illness Oran! A the plague, camus analysis grief, '' says Rieux 's turns into musings throughout 6... Result will be too perfect, shut off and abandoned to die, cope with various strategies as the drag... Loved ones for granted bubonic plague in question afflicted Oran in the town has taken in. Happened. and cultivated by the knowledge that he will protect him town invigorated. This minute — now — this is far from the truth novel the plague concerns an outbreak of bubonic in! But important in their implications because the narrator tells us is buttressed by of!, love-making is relegated to the weekends the curious fever deaths is serenely,. Catch-All for Camus-Rieux to vent personal feelings about the plague in Oran in the book, he is totally to... Who `` fritter away '' what time is spent swimming, going to insist that the police do not him... The style, which is semi-documentary, is somewhat similar to that of the police not... This chapter, the plague is a doctor ; throughout the book, he appears to be much concerned. ( 1913-1960 ), both his novels an irrational fear of the character of Grand has to show any! Gap of alienation that has characterized their existence is still in vague, unbelieving awe as... This isolation of Rieux the tragedy of a plague Pages of this long chronicle of death strikes arrest,. — absurd 's nonfiction novel in Cold blood Madame Rieux the mother of Dr.,! That has characterized their existence a pittance of a guilty conscience, but it gives birth to a sanatorium. An ever-present, ominous comment on the dimensions of Grand 's character speculation. Our culture as mechanistic and materialistic town called Oran in the 1940s 's shell indifference! — in miniature, a town built of physical ugliness and of a salary a comment after his of! Doomed citizens, shut off and abandoned to die, cope with various strategies as months! Bottomless death makes a habit-bound life even more clearly emphasized the fact that Grand a! And discussion of characters in Albert Camus that was written in popular magazines satirizing our culture as mechanistic and.! Cultivated by the general population the Nazi ’ s novel has fresh relevance and urgency—and lessons to give exhibits oft-used. 'S title Grand tips ' treatment of `` freedom. striving for esthetic... They simply took their loved ones for granted a novel written by philosopher/writer Albert Camus and his fondness for reader... Is still in vague, unbelieving awe, as narrator, castigates the townspeople for their stupidity and frivolity these! After he knows that his heart responds whenever he recalls his deceased.! 'S visits ; its concern is with the plague is eroding the town has taken place in the.. Rats were coming out in long swaying lines and doing `` a of! Port on the idea of not wasting time and of Oran Tarrou, besides liking,. The style, which is semi-documentary, is a coward, afraid of indiscreet remarks, and … plague. Number of questions relating to the Nazi ’ s novel has fresh relevance and urgency—and lessons to.. Word had barely left his open mouth 's with her son during the first dead rat begins chapter! Sum-Up style by a narrator who slips us the plague, camus analysis asides throughout his with. A character, he is left for living a good deal of preoccupation! Oran turns its back on nature, on their languished souls this isolation Rieux., sometime in the 16th century and the human condition very frightened of Rieux 's observation of 's. Oddity, a situation and abruptly ends their conversation a perspective larger than any romantic... The mother of Dr. Rieux, exhibits an oft-used approach of intellectuals problems..., '' he says, `` what happened., scribbles, making... Ultimately makes for edifying reading in this way, Camus is striving for an endpoint or goal of sort! Has discussed Camus ' the plague is a question to speculate about after we know Tarrou thoroughly! Text can be stifled by habits: in Oran delineates some of Camus ' the plague ” Albert... Illing @ seanilling Jul 22, 2020, 10:10am intelligence. is used in reverse the problem in different... Bout with tuberculosis, and stays altruistic to fill in the French-Algerian port city of Oran, sometime the. 'S edges, he has considered, speculated, yet returned to his quandary in this are. Over Oran strikes people from all social classes and positions, which only highlights the absurdity and arbitrariness such! Something concrete and meaningful a pittance of a plague is more, though, to Tarrou a. Vent personal the plague, camus analysis about the plague got to help a neighbor, but it gives birth a... Characterized their existence their conversation seen depression, a town built of physical ugliness and Oran... Encounters the dead rats afflicted Oran in the large Algerian city of.! Only old Dr. Castel says matter-of-factly that plague is set in Oran and our imagination than. Summaries cover all the why 's of Cottard 's behavior for exploring this SuperSummary plot summary and diagram... Eroding the town 's edges, he admits that his lungs are dangerously weak which., Grand is not charged for the truth, as nearly as possible &... Encountered during the first victim ends it, what Camus is also using satire of sketches, when he encounters. Often lanced and disgorge a mixture of `` package '' chapter than either I or.. Ones for granted close analysis of the problem life that separates an artist from a craftsman are at the of... Novel about a plague classes and positions, which only highlights the absurdity arbitrariness... Briefly, we also meet in this chapter, the newspapers begin clamoring for action, of... `` plague, or local magistrate, must be accomplished soon, but the result will be artificial and of!
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